• Cops are people too

    Lots of people become violent under stress, and the police are people too. It does not excuse their behavior when cops get violent because of stress, just as it doesn't excuse anyone else. Violence is wrong, no matter the reason. We have to do a better job of screening people who want to become cops to see if stress may trigger them.

  • Cops can get violent because of stress

    Anyone with a stressful job can tell you that, over time, it can wear on you. Not all cops are violent because of it, but it absolutely makes sense that after dealing with stressful situations over and over, a police officer may become violent as a coping mechanism. It is not right, but stress can make people do crazy things.

  • Cops may get violent because of stress or fear

    I believe our police officers are under a tremendous amount of stress. They don't know what they will have to deal with from one minute to the next. They deal with criminals who try to kill them. I would imagine there is some fear there, as well as stress. There is also fear of the unknown, especially when they deal with the mentally ill. I think police officers need more training on mental illness and how to deal with those people. They have become violent, even killing mentally ill people, who did not even have a weapon. I sympathize with the police, but I do think they need more training, maybe more time off, and better pay.

  • Yes, cops may get violent because of stress.

    Yes stress may be a contributing factor as to why cops get violent. Police officers are still people and due to that fact they are subject to natural human reactions to stressors. Stress may invoke a fight or flight reaction in these individuals causing them to get violent. Some of these individuals may also be violent by nature.

  • No they dont

    Cops get violent, usually to black people, because of internalized racism, and when they get the chance and see the opportunity to kill an innocent african american, they seize it. Cope dont get stressed out and kill people, they do it because they can and get away with it. This is why colin kappernick didnt stand up during the national anthem. Because why would he stand up and show pride for a country that hates his race

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