Do current students bare to much responsibility for crimes committed before they arrived?

  • One rotten apple ruins it for everyone.

    With every generation of teenagers there comes a new trend or new incident. Just because a certain generation of teens or one teen from that certain generation does something does not mean that the next generations of teens are going to be the same way. They may have the influence of the previous generations but they are still their own people.

  • Lighten the burden for students with criminal records

    Current students arrive at college with a lot of anxieties, but for students with a criminal record, these anxieties are magnified. They have to worry about being found out, and about the impact that their past will have on both their studies and their futures. I believe that colleges should not ask students if they have been convicted of a crime: it has little to no impact on the character of the student.

  • Crime is everyone's burden

    People never used to talk about crime, and especially with kids. Kids now have to deal with the burden of not just hearing about the past, but dealing with increased security measures and other things that keep them safe. No one is blaming kids currently for problems of the past, but they do bear the responsibility of doing what they can to see that history doesn't repeat itself.

  • Current students do not bear too much responsibility for past crimes

    Students do not currently bear any measurable responsibility for crimes committed before their attendance. Universities are small societies within themselves and must address grievances and criminal behavior as any society does. This means creating regulations to help prevent wrong doing and punishments for those caught breaking those regulations. It is not unreasonable to enforce regulations that can prevent crime and mistreatment. Current students are not so much "bearing responsibility" as they are provided with clearer guidelines of acceptable behavior.

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