• Court ex-parte orders Grant exceedingly strong powers to the party Who files for divorce

    I was "surprised" with divorce papers on my front doorstep and given 15 minutes to leave my home
    30% of my income is given away to child support even though I spend considerably more on my children
    I was forced to live in my car and then seek a small apartment nearby in order to be my children's father
    All this happened without any divorce decree: this was just the "temporary" order that my ex-wife is cleverly trying out for nigh on two years
    The court system has unintentionally provided tremendous strength to the "active" party
    Women are considerably more likely to file for divorce and since they rarely bear any cost in that decision they are incentivized by courts to file for divorce

  • The so called "Justice system"

    When my parents went through a divorce my Mum acted the victim, even though they had a happy marriage and my dad was a brilliant father. In court his evidence was ignored and the family home was sold as a result of the settlement. He was made to give my mum 70% of the value of the house and pay child support of which my Mum has spent on herself and her boyfriend, spending 5 nights a week away from my siblings and I when she is meant to be caring for us. When my Dad tried to stand up to the system he was bullied and ignored. He pays for all our school trips, school meals, our clothing and taking us to places alongside child support. My Dad sees the money he pays towards his children wasted. My Mum plans to sell her house and move in with her boyfriend. My dad now has to pay for a mortage until he is 90. All thanks to the "justice" system. This needs to change.

  • Of course they do!

    People view women as the weak and innocent ones, while the men are the abusive, cheating, pigs. Which in some cases is true, but in many other cases, the women tell lies that the court believes to get benefits. Did anyone hear of that case where the girlfriend said her boyfriend raped her, and after 3 years in prison they finally realized it was a lie, not only that, she only got 1 month in prison!

  • Women walk into court innocent and men walk in guilty until proven otherwise.

    Coming from a child that saw his own parents go through it. Nothing made me hate the court system more then knowing my mother's lies were held higher than my father's proof in the court room. My father was questioned and belittled while no one questioned her drug addiction or infidelities.

  • Yes, and the reason I will sadly never be able to marry.

    Why should someone become entitled to a minimum of half a mans assets just because they show their commitment and marry, even if there are no children. It's very telling that you don't see any feminists campaigning that the current divorce rules belittle women and assume they are dependent on a man or that it's the mans responsibility to look after them.

  • Successful men beware!

    Most divorce settlements today favour women. Judges are terrified to make any decision in favour of men in case it gets reported. I divorced my wife as she refused to "leave" her boyfriend of 5 years. In my case my wife received 74 % of assets and my company. She made no financial contribution whatsoever to any assets. The legal system has gone nuts!
    However it was the loss of my children that caused me most grief. I have paid huge child support for 8 years and to make sure I did not contest custody (waste of time anyhow) she moved to a different part of the country. She has retired a millionaire and I will be in debt till I am 90 years of age. Great system.

  • The women has all the power.

    Yes, divorce settlements unfairly favor women, because once a woman is married, they are still presumed to be their husband's responsibility for life. Don't want to work after your divorce? Just say you have bipolar and you shouldn't have to! Want to live the good life? Have as many kids as possible and then claim they have "needs" for a wealthy lifestyle. A man should never get married.

  • Yes, they definitely favor women unfairly.

    I have seen firsthand how men get the short end of the stick from divorce. Most child custody ends up going to the mother, with the father paying child support. The wife usually gets a whole lot of alimony, even if she never worked while married. In domestic disputes the courts usually rule in favor of the woman. I have seen cases where the woman ends up being entitled to the man's money because it's what she had grown accustomed to.

  • Fairness is more complex than individual circumstance.

    While it can be argued that divorce settlements do currently unfairly favor women things outside the individuals involved need to be considered. There are confounding factors such as; women continue to lag behind men in terms of wages and advancement in the workplace, women are still the dominant force in child rearing. Part of the problem is the age of judges and traditional views. Single income families are now quite rare and this is diminishing the perception of women needing more support than in the past. As the confounding issues are reduced so will the trend in unfair settlements favoring women.

  • No they don't, look at America's divorced women with children.

    You can say it is unfair but it is still women who come out on the short end of the stick in divorce most of the time. If there are children, the woman shoulders most of the child rearing responsibilities, most of the time. How many dad's skip out on child support, enough said there. When there are no children and no assets it probably favors nobody, everybody walks away with nothing gained and nothing lost. I have a friend who is female who just got divorced. She worked hard, furthered her business education and now makes a lot of money. The exhusband? He took her to court for alimony and won. That was unfair. She divorced him because he wouldn't go to work.

  • Divorces do not favor either party.

    In my opinion divorces do not favor either party. The mediators sit down with both parties and work out an amicable settlement. If one cannot be achieved at a st down, the judge hands down an order. In most cases if children are involved and the mother is the custodial parent, she usually gets more but it is for the sake fo the kids.

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