• Yes, sharks have reason to be afraid of dolphins.

    Yes, dolphins actually scare sharks. Although sharks may be a predator of the ocean, there is nothing they can do about dolphins. Being bigger and having the potential to be more powerful, dolphins appear aggressive and superior to sharks. Dolphins are useful in preventing shark attacks both in the ocean and at the shore.

  • Yes, sharks are smart enough to recognize a threat.

    Dolphins are definitely large enough to cause harm to a shark. Sharks, despite their reputation, are not mindless eating machines. They're definitely smart enough to recognize when another animal in the area is a threat to them. Most are smart enough to leave an area when dolphins are around and might be dangerous to them.

  • No, I do not believe that dolphins scare sharks.

    No, I do not believe that dolphins scare sharks because sharks are the top predators in the ocean and can easily kill dolphins when confronted. Sharks have no reason to be scared of dolphins, in fact I believe that it's the other way around and dolphins are scared of sharks.

  • Sharks are not scared of dolphins

    It is hard to believe, but some people think that dolphins scare away sharks. It is a myth perpetuated by Hollywood and bad hotel guides. In fact dolphins and sharks are known to swim in the same exact areas because they happen to consume the same things. They rarely start conflicts with each other.

  • I don't think so.

    I'm not sure but I doubt it. Yes they do intimidate sharks but I think that's just because they're normally in a group and sharks know better than to pick fights 3 on 1 or more. That's just my opinion though so don't think this is scientifically proved or something. Also have you looked this up on google?

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