• Big fat cock

    A llama came through my front window with guns whilest i was tripping on around 500ug of lsd and about 40mg mdma. Least to say.... It was an event to witness holy fuck was it crazy when i first heard the glass start to shatter apart and then i realized its actually happeneing

  • Certain drugs can expand your mind

    Yes certain drugs are shown to expand your mind. This however is not always a good thing because part of the expansion includes hallucinations and other negative effects. Drugs may expand your mind but the negative effects will often far outweight any positive effects that the drug may have on your mind.

  • Expand vs. Escape

    I think that drugs are fine to use if you find yourself in a good situation where you can afford them, handle them, and not use them to escape. If you use LSD to expand your mind, then you are fine. However if you find yourself in a frustrating situation and telling yourself that you are just going to get inebriated and forget all about it, then you are in a bad spot.

  • Yes immensely.

    Yes, drugs most certainly do expand your mind. This does not neccesarrily mean it is a good thing though. Specific drugs like LSD may open your mind to a narrow perception and view on the world around you. Giving it vivid imagery of what you may not have noticed or even perceived. Testing still needs to be done refine a more efficient and less harmful way of using them though.

  • Drugs cripple the mind

    If anybody has ever had any interaction with a regular drug user, or researched the drugs effects, you'd plainly see that drugs have never expanded the mind. As stated above, they cripple it. People literally lose their minds because of drugs. That reason alone is enough to continue to keep drugs illegal. They are a cancer to society.

  • Drugs do not expand your mind!

    Recreational drugs are just an escape from real problems. Drugs that aid in life and provide positive expansion would be a tested neurotrophic drug or allergy medicine. Recreational drugs are a primitive source of entertainment. Wether natural or "man-made", chemicals are chemicals. There are even poisonous plants that cause chemical trips.

  • They Don't Expand Anything

    Drugs do not expand your mind. If anything, they limit your thinking and cognitive skills. Many drugs have been reported to kill brain cells. The notion that drugs expand your mind came from people who were just really inebriation and saying any and everything. There is no truth to it.

  • No! Remember the "This is your brain on drugs" commercial?

    I have been around many people who use drugs. Their minds are shattered. They are slow to react, unable to come up with good ideas or hold jobs. Your mind is reduced and your body ruined through drug use. Maybe back in the 60s, LSD was thought to expand your mind, but I think we now know that is not the case.

  • Drugs reduce your mind

    Drugs corrupt not only your mind, but your body. It reduces you to a dependent and incompetent being by controlling your mind and senses. Some people may use drugs to escape their current problem or reality, which only shows how very mind-reducing drugs really are. Anyone with a broad sense of reality would know not to rely on drugs to cope with problems,

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