• Yes they are

    They are not a fruit, a vegetable, a plant product, or an animal product that doesn't harm animals. Plus, its taste is unique like many other meats. I think egg should be considered meat. It is an unborn chicken. You fried it and ate it. In all essence, it was supposed to be and is meat

  • Are bloody tampons meat?

    Eggs are basically chicken periods if they're unfertilized. If they are fertilized, they are frozen before a chick can begin to form in the shell anyway. The yolk is merely the food it would've ate had it had chance to grow. Saying that eggs are meat is like saying used maxipads are equivalent to steak.

  • No, they don't.

    An egg is an unfertilized egg, which means that there are proteins inside the egg but did not develop into flesh. If we base it from the definition of meat which is; edible meat/flesh from an animal, then we are not satisfying the definition, hence, they don't count as meat.

  • No, it's not.

    Inside of an unfertilized egg, it's nothing but a product. If indeed, the egg was fertilized, there's an unborn baby inside the egg, which would be meat. But most of the time, farmer just don't let the male with the female, which means that the eggs are unfertilized, meaning no baby inside. If I eat sperm, is it meat? That's the question to ask. Sperm just contain the little unborn baby, right?

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