• It just makes economic sense!

    Fast food companies keep employees at poverty-level wages while making billions of dollars in profits every year. This drives increasing inequality, slow growth, and declining living standards. It is holding back our economic recovery and contributing to high poverty rates and rates of working poor. With annual profits in the billions, many of these companies could raise wages for their ENTIRE workforce and shareholders would still see a return. Pus when employers pay poverty-level wages they shift the cost of maintaining a labor force onto society. If fast food workers earned a decent living wage, they would not have to rely on food stamps, Medicaid, or other government programs when paychecks don’t provide the means to make ends meet.

  • Yes, they do.

    Fast food workers may be unskilled, but they still deserve the right to have a livable wage. Many are working these jobs while in school--can you support yourself and pay for school at the same time with minimum wage? No. Fast food is also very fast paced, and not everyone is cut out for it. They deserve more respect.

  • Yes, they do.

    Fast food worker's jobs are much harder than people may believe. Not everyone can work in such a fast paced and stressful environment. Not to mention, fast food workers get little benefits (depending on the fast food restaurant they work for) and work long hours to barely make as much to those people who are paid more for less work.

  • A hundred times yes!

    Fast food workers definitely deserve higher pay, because of moral reasons, but also because the heads of these fast food places are making tons of money and can easily afford to pay their workers a higher pay. Fast food workers should be receiving a living wage of at least $11 per hour.

  • Yes, they do.

    Yes, I think that fast food workers deserve higher pay. Maybe it shouldn't be all that much higher, but I do think that it should increase at least a bit. Minimum wage is just so low and I feel like these workers deserve more, because I do think they work hard.

  • We want higher pay!

    Ast food workers usually work those jobs while in school and the real question is: can you work those jobs and still pay for school? No. You can't. Fast food is hard you have to be fast and there are usually many orders and its hard to keep track of all of them.

  • Yes, but not more than $15.00

    Fast food worker do work hard but not hard enough to make more than $15.00 an hour. They have to prepare the food very fast. Yes, they have it easy compared to construction workers but they still have a ton of stress going towards them .

    It is a bit much having over $15.00 but they do have a lot more stress give them some leeway people.

  • I'm worth more than $7.85/ hr in labor.

    I went to college, graduated with honors at the top of my class and a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and am a Certified Licensed Pharmacy Technician in the state of Arizona. I tried for a year after I graduated to get a job in my field, sending out so many resumes, and only once did I even get an interview. But after all that time, I needed to start contributing to bills and took the only job I could get, my first fast-food job at the age of 26 to make ends meet. Let me tell you something, fast-food is so much more difficult than I ever knew or cared to know. I work longer, harder hours in fast-food than I have in any other job, for less pay, and given less respect because that is where I "choose" to be. And I always conduct myself in the most professional manner, as we all should in service jobs. A lot of us are hard-working, over-qualified people who took the only job they could get. I am not saying, by any means, that I think we should get paid $15 an hour, but can't we find a happy medium. A $3 raise in min. Wage would be a god-send to thousands of people like me and put us in a position to actually afford to eat, not to mention spend more money helping the economy. As of right now though, there is no opportunity for overtime, no benefits, not much at all really. And while I know this is not a "career", I simply cannot afford to lose this job. This is a big deal and these workers deserve more than $7.85/ hr.

  • Higher pay NOW!!

    Give everyone a higher pay they work hard for it. They need money to support their families and their homes. You are leaving people out in the cold just wanting some money. Just give it to them. I say you either give them a higher pay or tell the world what is in your fries. They deserve this money. Come on McDonald's its only 15 bucks.

  • Hey fat stingy businessmen lay off the quarter pounder...

    Most of the people against the higher pay never had to work in a fast food joint! They have no idea the kind of labor these workers put in! The corps could afford to pay there workers more its this fat nation that fears losing a 50 nugget meal steal for $10! For those bigots who think no skill is involved, how about good customer service to ensure none of you jerk customers complain!

  • I did my research from the 1950's up to today

    The average factory worker in the 1950's make approx $5.25/day. Using the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Inflation Calculator (GOVERNMENT WEBSITE - sounds pretty unbiased if you ask me), that's equivalent to $6.30/hour in 2013 (even less than the minimum wage now).

    Don't argue that minimum wage isn't in par with inflation. You're wrong. Do some research before shouting that McDonald's workers (who work less hard, in a safer environment, and less hours than a factory worker in the 1950's) deserve $15/hour.

  • Poor life choices are not my problem.

    Fast food is unskilled labor. If you have a degree and you're working fast food then it's by choice, because giving up and inaction are still choices. It's also not my problem that you're unable to pay your bills. I shouldn't have to pay more for a cheeseburger, because you're struggling due to either inaction, undereducation, or unwillingness to relocate, etc.

  • They're not worth it

    Absolutely not. They do minimal work and there's a lot of "fast paced" jobs. I really don't think THEY know what a real job is like. They have no responsibility really, many are dirty, sloppy, loud, unprofessional and down right rude. They did not pay for an education, they did not work for a better opportunity. We need to stop handing things to these people that everyone else has to work for. Mcdonalds is not meant to be a career unless you're managing a franchise or upper level management. Flipping and frying pink slime while scratching your ass is not even worth the minimum wage they are handed now.

  • I went to college. Why should fast food workers get more money?

    I went to college. Why should fast food workers get more money?
    I worked in fast food while i went to school. When i finished i applied
    to office jobs and got hired. Those workers should do the same instead of getting pregnant
    and having 20 babies. I worked hard and still work hard to try and make it.

  • Increase their pay, but I don't get the same increase percentage.

    Current minimum wage workers have those wages because they are generally entry level, no skill workers. If we increase their wages to 10.10 an hour that's roughly a 2.50 raise for them but I make 4.00 more than the proposed minimum wage increase now and it took me 5 years to get that. Am I going to get the 2.50 increase too? NO! Ridiculous. I worked hard and climbed the ladder to get where I am(without college), and for some unskilled, entry level employee to jump to 4.00 less than me in a day is ridiculous and unacceptable. I want the same increase they'd be getting. If you're raising burger flippers minimum wage give me the 2.50 increase too.

  • People with no college and/or no military who have not done anything to better themself do NOT deserve a raise

    There's talk about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.... Well I am a police officer who has five years military experience serving in the US Marines and I am making $13.50 an hour.... Yes if they raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour then I also would be given a raise of $15 an hour.... But then I would be a police officer making minimum wage.... And our Police Department is a small town department that could not afford to go over $15 because of our annual budgets.... So I would be a police officer making $15 an hour minimum wage and down the street some crackhead who has no military and no college experience and a felony record so he can't get a job anywhere else but McDonald's would be making the same amount of money as me... Having the same quality of life as me.... Do I deserve that slap in the face when I am putting my ass on the line getting crime off the street ??? Hell no!!! ... If you're working at McDonald's and you want to make more money guess what?? Go to college ..If you cannot afford college then join the military and move up from there like I did... If you cannot join the military because you have a felony record are you have too many damn tattoos then guess what?? That's your own fault!!!

  • Employees Pay Raise

    I think that they should not need a higher pay. I support my opinion because these jobs are not for full time employees. If they would want a raise then they need to go find another job. If you can get a job at McDonalds, I'm sure you can find one somewhere else also.

  • Business not Charity.

    Take emotions out of this debate. Businesses aren't paying people for what they're worth as beings, no, businesses are paying people for the work they provide. It's not the company's fault if a worker is shacked up with college loans and children, so why should the company pay? The entire "not enough for a family to live on" argument falls apart. The family isn't providing labour, the worker is. This is business, not charity.

  • Don't need education

    Employees who work there don't need an education to work there. It wouldn't be fare for the the other who went to college to have the same pay as someone who didn't. Also its not a difficult job to maintain. If you increased employees wage you would lose profit because you would rise price and people would not buy

  • We shouldnt have them have a higher raise

    Ridiculous pay for unskilled, uneducated people

    Fast food jobs require no skills and no formal education. Pay should be based on what a person brings to the table. Why should a fast food worker with no skill or education make a living wage for doing a job that anyone with half a brain could do? If you want to earn $15 per hour, then earn it. Go to school, climb the ladder, work hard... Set your sights higher than flipping burgers. Do your entry level job very well, and possibly promote to management if you want to stay in fast food. It is disgusting that these workers feel that they are ENTITLED to a higher wage... Why? What do they bring to the table? That sense of entitlement plagues this country today. Everyone wants something for nothing.

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