• It just makes economic sense!

    Fast food companies keep employees at poverty-level wages while making billions of dollars in profits every year. This drives increasing inequality, slow growth, and declining living standards. It is holding back our economic recovery and contributing to high poverty rates and rates of working poor. With annual profits in the billions, many of these companies could raise wages for their ENTIRE workforce and shareholders would still see a return. Pus when employers pay poverty-level wages they shift the cost of maintaining a labor force onto society. If fast food workers earned a decent living wage, they would not have to rely on food stamps, Medicaid, or other government programs when paychecks don’t provide the means to make ends meet.

  • Yes, they do.

    Fast food workers may be unskilled, but they still deserve the right to have a livable wage. Many are working these jobs while in school--can you support yourself and pay for school at the same time with minimum wage? No. Fast food is also very fast paced, and not everyone is cut out for it. They deserve more respect.

  • Yes, they do.

    Fast food worker's jobs are much harder than people may believe. Not everyone can work in such a fast paced and stressful environment. Not to mention, fast food workers get little benefits (depending on the fast food restaurant they work for) and work long hours to barely make as much to those people who are paid more for less work.

  • A hundred times yes!

    Fast food workers definitely deserve higher pay, because of moral reasons, but also because the heads of these fast food places are making tons of money and can easily afford to pay their workers a higher pay. Fast food workers should be receiving a living wage of at least $11 per hour.

  • Yes, they do.

    Yes, I think that fast food workers deserve higher pay. Maybe it shouldn't be all that much higher, but I do think that it should increase at least a bit. Minimum wage is just so low and I feel like these workers deserve more, because I do think they work hard.

  • Stop the hunger decision

    I believe that the workers at fast food restaurants deserve a higher income because It is not fair for them to have to decide between a bill and food in the house. People that work at these places are struggling to make ends meet. I know from pass experience that after taxes you have nothing left. Trying to make it from month to month you are robbing Paul to pay Peter, dealing with nasty attitudes, and watching the rich complain about a blue collar worker getting a raise!!! White collar workers get theirs everyday!!! Give them what they need.

  • It just makes sense to.

    Juggling 10 things at once, on your feet constantly, running, cooking, getting burned often, and dealing with the public. I'm not saying to raise their wages high, just, not minimum. It's a tough job, compared to a lot of other ones you can get without college. I have never worked in fast food, but I have seen what it's like. I'm a hygienist, so I've been to college. But I guarantee you that a good deal of college graduates wouldn't be able to muster the fortitude to work in a fast food kitchen themselves.

  • Fast food workers need higher pay!

    Fast food workers have families, and they also experience wage theft! 90% of the workers have experienced a form of wage theft, which is when an employer alters time records to reduce paid work, charging the workers for uniforms or other costs, incorrectly listing workers as not being allowed to work overtime and get pay, and demands that the worker works more than they need to without pay. Fast food workers only get an average of 10127 dollars a YEAR! That is not enough!

  • We want higher pay!

    Ast food workers usually work those jobs while in school and the real question is: can you work those jobs and still pay for school? No. You can't. Fast food is hard you have to be fast and there are usually many orders and its hard to keep track of all of them.

  • Yes, but not more than $15.00

    Fast food worker do work hard but not hard enough to make more than $15.00 an hour. They have to prepare the food very fast. Yes, they have it easy compared to construction workers but they still have a ton of stress going towards them .

    It is a bit much having over $15.00 but they do have a lot more stress give them some leeway people.

  • I did my research from the 1950's up to today

    The average factory worker in the 1950's make approx $5.25/day. Using the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Inflation Calculator (GOVERNMENT WEBSITE - sounds pretty unbiased if you ask me), that's equivalent to $6.30/hour in 2013 (even less than the minimum wage now).

    Don't argue that minimum wage isn't in par with inflation. You're wrong. Do some research before shouting that McDonald's workers (who work less hard, in a safer environment, and less hours than a factory worker in the 1950's) deserve $15/hour.

  • Poor life choices are not my problem.

    Fast food is unskilled labor. If you have a degree and you're working fast food then it's by choice, because giving up and inaction are still choices. It's also not my problem that you're unable to pay your bills. I shouldn't have to pay more for a cheeseburger, because you're struggling due to either inaction, undereducation, or unwillingness to relocate, etc.

  • They're not worth it

    Absolutely not. They do minimal work and there's a lot of "fast paced" jobs. I really don't think THEY know what a real job is like. They have no responsibility really, many are dirty, sloppy, loud, unprofessional and down right rude. They did not pay for an education, they did not work for a better opportunity. We need to stop handing things to these people that everyone else has to work for. Mcdonalds is not meant to be a career unless you're managing a franchise or upper level management. Flipping and frying pink slime while scratching your ass is not even worth the minimum wage they are handed now.

  • I went to college. Why should fast food workers get more money?

    I went to college. Why should fast food workers get more money?
    I worked in fast food while i went to school. When i finished i applied
    to office jobs and got hired. Those workers should do the same instead of getting pregnant
    and having 20 babies. I worked hard and still work hard to try and make it.

  • Increase their pay, but I don't get the same increase percentage.

    Current minimum wage workers have those wages because they are generally entry level, no skill workers. If we increase their wages to 10.10 an hour that's roughly a 2.50 raise for them but I make 4.00 more than the proposed minimum wage increase now and it took me 5 years to get that. Am I going to get the 2.50 increase too? NO! Ridiculous. I worked hard and climbed the ladder to get where I am(without college), and for some unskilled, entry level employee to jump to 4.00 less than me in a day is ridiculous and unacceptable. I want the same increase they'd be getting. If you're raising burger flippers minimum wage give me the 2.50 increase too.

  • Look at the arguments

    The majority of the people agreeing with increasing wages do not even have a valid reason. They are simply saying "it's harder than you think" and for that, they merit a raise? When that's the only argument you can muster you know that this is a losing debate for that side. I've worked both fast food, warehouse, airline, teaching piano and now on to become a physician, I know how hard each of these jobs can be. Fast food requires a somewhat calm mind and awareness, but does not require any sort of higher education whatsoever, excluding management. It's an entry level job for a reason, and this is why the pay is as it is. If you want a higher paying job, it makes sense to work harder and get educated, or get trained for a skilled job. I'm sick of spoiled and entitled brats believing everything should be handed to them.

  • No need IMO

    A higher wage for these workers wont get them off of government welfare...A person who has more kids than they can afford to take care of in the first place isnt going to change just because they make more money. The change to 15 an hour would undermine some of the jobs out there who actually require skilled labor and pay less than 15 an hour or just slightly above it. Why work hard , when i can flip a burger and make $15 an hour. If you want to pay an someone more, pay a CNA more bc I've seen the work they do and it isnt fun.

  • Where does it stop????

    Fast food workers make the same salary as entry level department store workers, receptionists, hotel front desk clerks, airline ticket agents, etc. I worked for an airline for 27 years before being laid off. I have a college degree. I had extensive experience in the airline/travel industry. The only work I could find was with a travel company making $19.00 an hour. That was with 27 years experience and an excellent work history and resume. Why should an unskilled, uneducated person make $4.00 less then I do. We are a country who are enabling people. If we start paying fast food workers the same salaries as jobs that require experience and education than what will they aspire to do. Fast food jobs should be entry level to the work force not a lifetime career. If you plan to work at McDonald's for life than there is something wrong with your confidence and morale.

  • Unskilled Worker Pay

    You want a good paying job? Learn a marketable skill that somebody else can't master with 30 days of on-the-job training. I worked those jobs while I was going to school - was a constant reminder of why my education was so important.

    You want me to subsidize your desire to earn a living wage while working in an unskilled labor position? We made this same mistake offering home loans to everybody - regardless of if they were financially qualified.

    Higher incomes and owning your own home in America - is not a constitutional right. Rather, its a right afforded every citizen by the great country our constitution helped mold together.

  • Not at all

    If you raise the pay of a fast food worker you will have to raise the pay of everyone else who works many more hours and has much more responsibility than they do. Fast food is a mindless job with no responsibility what so ever. Its not McDonald's fault that some of these workers aren't responsible enough to manage their money. You should spend your money on the things you need not the things you want, I think that is the real problem here!

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