Do females prefer males who have circumcised penises?

  • Circumcised Looks Better

    Women do not like to pull down a man's pants to see a disgusting uncircumcised penis.In more civil writing,being uncircumcised really does not have the benefits that uncircumcised people claim.First of all, many but not all uncircumcised penises produce enough smegma to where hygiene becomes an issue.Women are very offended by this.Secondly,there is no increase in pleasure for the woman simply because there is a disgusting flap of skin.Most importantly it looks quite disgusting and women find that extremely unattractive.One may argue that the rates are falling,however in reality the rates of circumcision in the United States are a satisfying 56-66%(depending on the year).If you are wondering on why to get your son clipped don't listen to all of the foreskin propaganda because really it has more pros than cons.

  • The facts

    No woman will refuse a man only for the fact that he has been circumcised.

    There are clearly women who will refuse a man only for the fact that he is intact.

    Circumcision improves options, possibilities, opportunities and the converse is true. The fact is that not circumcising a boy may result in him being rejected for this reason alone.

    Now it is no use calling such women names, making judgments or complaining. A woman has the right to decide who she will allow to have sex with her - her own personal veto power. A cut penis will never alone be denied consideration for this factor alone.

    They are cleaner - Always cleaner. A cut penis can have no smegma - no foreskin = no smegma.

    Now it does not matter if an intact fellow lives in the shower - the fact remains that if you have a foreskin you can have smegma and if you do not have a foreskin you can NEVER have smegma.

  • Good shape & size.

    I am a young college girl, my vaginal tube is tested by cut penis. Cut penis looks good in shape & size against uncut. It is clean, neat, smell-free and no risk of infections. Condom easily fitted on cut penis. Head of penis activated my G-spot, really very nice and silky penis head.

  • Yes

    Circumcised penises, in my opinion, are much better. Over the years, I've found that uncircumcised penises tend to have a stronger smell and more greasy/sweaty feel to them. Despite best efforts to keep clean, any skin that is folded on top of other skin will tend to sweat and smell rather quickly - even after a good shower. So it is definitely a fact that circumcised penises are "easier" to keep clean, and I'm guessing are less prone to infections.

  • I believe uncircumcised penises have a very off-putting odor!

    The uncircumcised penis has a foul smell which I cannot stand. Everyone's different & some may like the smell or be able to see past it. However, I cannot. Circumcised is much cleaner & pleasant. It's such a shame that so many people are opting to keep it natural these days rather than have it cut. It's slowly being faded out & soon I believe it won't be an option to have done which is a shame for those of us who don't like stinky penises!

  • Circumcised looks good and feels better

    Uncircumcised penises are just aesthetically unpleasant to the eye. They are dirty. You don't need science to tell you that a bigger surface area (uncircumcised penis) means more bacteria. It's logic. The people on the right probably have never had a girl tell them "I won't sleep with you because I don't want any bacterial infections", or just plain "Ewe".

  • Cleaner, looks better

    I used to be neutral on this topic until I met a person who was anti circ. It amazed me how much they twisted their figures and would not listen to any reason whatsoever. You can't have a fair debate if the person you are debating against has wild figures.

    The 2009 article about circ. Being at percentages in the 30-35% range is FALSE it appears to be a figure that was released without all data because lone behold TRUE figures came out in 2011 regarding 2010 figures and it showed circumcision is still the norm in the USA at 54% those figures only includes hospital circ. So any Jewish or practicing Muslims who do it more for religious reasons are not included in that 54% figure so I maybe as bold to raise that to the 58%-60% if you include circ. Not performed in a hospital.

    The American Pediatrics has come out with a full report support circ. A stance they where neutral on prior. That says alot. It also appears to drive the anti circ protestors insane! However FACT is one of the most respected medical associations in the world says health benefits put weight any kind of risk.

    I have been with uncircumcised men perfore and it was uncomfortable. I attempted to perform oral on two very clean Latino men I was dating that had not been circumcised. In all honesty, I couldn't get through either one. I don't care who much you scrub the area between the foreskin and the head of the penis is actually similar to the tissue in the anal region, so remember do you really want to touch your anal region on a hot new York summer day? I didn't think so.

    It looks better and the stats have been relatively steady since 2004 hovering at 55% not including circ done by Jews or Muslims.

    Other countries that routinely circ. Korea, all the middle east, philippines, many African countries are heavily enforcing it as a means of HIV prevention so it's heavily widespread in Manu areas there, malaysia and indonesia.

    Do not let twisted facts from anti circ protestors fool you. They come in herds on the Internet or troll Many boards with their crazy theories

    I don't know about you but I take the world of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS over some crazy guy who wasn't circ at birth and got teased so now spends his time endlessly debunking proven medical benefits anyday. I really think most people need to hear the Dr's here. If you have the breast cancer gene and you might get it and decide to have both your breasts removed (as many do) make you crazy and the doctor a butcher just because you didn't develop the cancer yet? Think about it? There's a high chance that if you have this gene you will develop breast cancer, however, there is a chance you won't. Most doctors agree to go with the procedure because benefits out weight the risks. Does that mean these women are crazy and the doctor butchers? I don't thinks so.

    I think everyone should check to see the CDC and AAP stance on the issue not some bitter guy at home on a computer with outrageous facts that are distorted.

    Fact -protects against HIV many STDs the spread on HPV (anal warts), UTI's, certain cancers, etc. The list goes on please search.

  • looks better/protects against HIV

    I much prefer cut over uncut. I think because it protects against HIV and this is proven it's better defense against STD and infections. Plus, it looks and feels so much better. I woild give a big vote for YES I prefer it much more than UNCUT and I'm in a country where circumsision is not praticed as much as arab nations or USA.

  • Yes, if they think about it.

    I don't know how many women actually give it much thought. But, when they do, I think that women prefer a man to be circumcised. The number one reason for the preference is that, in western civilization, it is the norm. Then, there is the issue of cleanliness. Lots of folks associate a circumcised penis with a higher degree of cleanliness. Finally, many people believe that a circumcised penis is more enjoyable.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • Every female prefers a circumcised male.

    First of all, it looks better & no odor, plus the scar around is not that noticeable/bad looking. What is noticeable are uncircumcised penises. Why would I want a guy that has an odor down there all the time, unless they go wash up pretty good every-time before any sexual contact. I mean do guys like ugly vaginas that have an odor? I don't think so. So why would we?

  • Obviously not!

    First up, my personal opinion, I think circumcised penises look like mutilated, skinned mushrooms, and there's that ugly scar on it. They seriously gross me out. Get a restoration! Now for some facts, 85% of men, globally, are intact/uncircumcised, and the whole 'preference' thing is merely what women are accustomed to (and what their country's media has spoon-fed them), which would mean around 85% of women in the world prefer intact. It is a known fact that only a small minority in the world still actively practice circumcision (in America and Muslim/Jewish countries). Even the circumcision rate in America has dropped to 33.5% in 2009. Why? Well, let me tell you what, actual science and real medical institutions mention, and why San Francisco almost passed a bill to ban circumcision outright. Circumcision rates are on a steady decline in America. Why? Because -every- single "benefit" you've ever heard about male genital mutilation (circumcision) has been debunked with modern research. What propaganda in American media spews out is actually the -opposite- to what the actual evidence demonstrates: - The foreskin (which is present on an intact penis) has anti-bacterial properties and prevents infection, effectively -reducing- the chance of STD infection and is much cleaner. "Smegma" (Greek for "soap"), the natural lubricant in an intact male penis, is the reason for this (and what's gotten all the absolutely ridiculous blame for everything that was once thought to be "bad" about it). It's also -much- easier to wash than a female's genitals, and here's a little fact that that propaganda doesn't tell you: there is THREE times more smegma behind the labia and under the clitoral hood of a female's genitals than an intact man's, and it does not get auto-cleaned from a vagina either (it's not present inside it). If you really believe the completely false, debunked claims that intact are "unclean", than keep this in mind: the vagina would be THREE TIMES DIRTIER if that was the case. If you want some proof from the world around you that foreskin substantially reduces the risk of STD transmission, bacterial buildup and infection, take a look at real-world facts and add them together: America is the last Western nation to actively practice circumcision and has the highest number of circumcised males from any country in the Western world. Sum that up with this fact: America has the highest rate of STD transmission from any country in the world.| Not enough proof? Check some credible peer-reviewed sources and educate yourself about a sex organ known as the foreskin. - Babies have a -much- higher chance of dying from circumcision than from the almost non-existent penile cancer. - Visit (the website of a non-profit organization that presents peer-reviewed, verifiable sources for proof of its claims, instead of ridiculous claims made for the 400-million-dollar business that is circumcision), for an actual scientific research that proves that sex with an intact man is -much- more pleasurable and satisfying for the woman than with a circumcised man. And it should be obvious: without a foreskin, vaginal dryness occurs, which can eventually make sex difficult and unpleasurable for the woman since the man's dry glans tends to scoop out the woman's natural lubricant (this explains why most cut men actually require artificial lubricant). - The foreskin has been found to absorb estrogen from the woman's vagina during intercourse, which has a psychological effect on the male which makes him more intimate towards the female. - Intact men can last MUCH longer during sex. Why? An intact man doesn't need to be "near climax" to feel pleasure, while a circumcised male NEEDS to be on the brink of ejaculation in order to feel any pleasure, which tends to make him want to finish as fast as possible. An uncircumcised male enjoys the entire journey (like the female), and unlike a circumcised male, an intact man can actually -feel-, easily, when he is near climax, allowing him to easily prevent it (and also easily prevent getting a girl pregnant by accident!). Hmm. "The teenage birth rate in the United States is the highest in the developed world, and the teenage abortion rate is also high." ( I wonder why. America also has the highest rate of erectile dysfunction in the developed world, and also the highest use of Viagara. A recent study had shown that intact penises are statistically larger than circumcised penises. This is due to a circumcised male's penis being restricted from most growth during puberty and childhood (there's a good reason the foreskin is initially adhered to the glans [self-cleaning] during childhood then separates: it's a part of the natural growth process). - The foreskin contains 20 000 nerve endings, while the clitoral hood of a female contains only 8000. These nerve endings are entirely devoted to sexual pleasure, but also pain. Female circumcision was banned in 1997 in America because of the negative trauma that girls grew up with from the pain from the procedure. When the brain of a -male- infant was tested before and after circumcision, the brain waves were disturbed, -permanently- after circumcision; believe it or not, this can have a drastic and permanent effect on their mental wellbeing, even if they pretend to be fine (technically they don't know the difference). A word of warning for mothers: if you're going to have this done to them, watch the procedure yourself. One mother, having watched it, was in mental trauma for decades, from witnessing the horrific screams of her child from the procedure. Well over 100 infants die every year in America from circumcision. ...Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of the "Yes" answers seem to be from both circumcised American males and paid advertisers, and from the looks of it, they had been brainwashed by a 400-million-dollar business. Not even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends circumcision; and every single thing I've read from their responses are laughably false. Check "Intact and Famous" for a massive list of celebrities who are intact (e.g: Colin Farrell, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Dane Cook, Pierce Brosnan, Will Smith...). And there are several circled celebrities who actually hate the fact that they're circumcised: look them up. It is male genital mutilation that severely damages the man, and the woman as well. Want evidence for my claims? Check them for yourself from -credible-, scientific sources, instead of propaganda from paid media advertisements. And another thing, that comment on the "Yes" section that starts off with "Some want it even mandatory!", judging from the link he or she has given to an article, it's from some third-world African country, and the poster refers to it as his or her own country. They practice that like rituals from a ridiculous, biased, and now-disproven "study" from over a century ago, in a developing African country that didn't know how to practice the scientific method properly at the time. Look up details on that and you'll notice that it was the most ridiculously biased "study" you'll ever see.

  • Non consensual genital cutting is wrong!

    I prefer intact. In my experience intact lovers have been better. Also, cut means most likely cut as a baby. Think about it! You're cutting off a piece of your child's genitals! That's messed up. It's illegal to cut a girl's genitals, why is it okay to cut a boy's genitals? People try to justify it with all kinds of arguments, but the fact remains you are CUTTING your child!

  • He is always tooo dry

    I thought it was better, I had one other man in my life and he wasn't circumcised. My guy now is circumcised and I find he is always so freakin dry... My V-jay can only lube so much... and I find he doesn't lube and I'm not sure if that is the cause. My pervious guy who wasn't circumcised was always lubed, not sure if that is a factor and I'm embarrassed to ask him about it. Because sex becomes painful after awhile. Am I right?

  • My experience

    I wasn't cut. I have had a fair number of sexual relationships and the females were quite satisfied. So much so that a few of them later chose not to cut their sons even though their husbands were cut. That makes a pretty strong statement. I'd never cut my sons, of course, as I really enjoy having my foreskin and I don't want to deprive them of the pleasure of having a whole penis.

  • God hadn't created foreskin for us to remove it

    Foreskin is not just a useless skin it got nerves and veins and even smooth muscle,tough i am my self circumcised i would not do that and wont let anyone to do that to my son if i going to have any.I wish if there was a way to regenerate foreskin.

  • Circumcised males have better orgasms.

    Males who are uncircumcised have better orgasms as I have experienced and it is more comfortable during sex. Also nowadays science says that men who are circumcised barely have any orgasmic feeling and in my experience makes sex for me way more uncomfortable. And uncircumcised penis is also bigger. So this is why I say what I say.

  • Real women prefer whole penises

    The ignorance on the left makes me want to slam my head against the wall. So many lies and myths being said by these pro-cutters. Only women who haven't been lucky to be with a WHOLE man will say they prefer cut men. The fact is natural sex (meaning intact sex) is so much better. Less friction, more pleasure for both the man and the woman. Cut sex is not normal. There is too much friction. A cut penis is basically a dildo since there are no movable parts like in a whole penis.

  • This operation is life-threatening and completely unnecessary.

    Only American women would prefer a mutilated penis because they've been indoctrinated to believe it looks better. An operation that is potentially life threatening should not be taken just to make someone fit in with other people who have had an operation to fit in. It has no venture. I am unmutilated and have found that any "hygiene problems" are made up.

  • People are unaware

    I am circumcised, 20, and now I have no feeling what so ever unless my girlfriend gives me the death grip. Circumcision is a crime and takes away almost all feeling of sensation in the penis. It is natural for guys to have a foreskin, it is equal to cutting off the clit and the labia of a women just for hygiene concern. Women can get over the look and appreciate the way god intended the penis to be.

  • Circumsizing changes hormone levels, size and shape

    By cutting part of the penis off (the foreskin) your reduce its size. As well, males with circumcised penises experience a reduction in testosterone development and so do not grow to be as large (height wise and penis wise) It is also proven that size matters. Finally, the foreskin helps to stimulate the woman's G-Spot and bring her pleasure through orgasm.

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Anonymous says2013-04-24T21:07:16.517
I am a 48 year old male from the UK, I got circumcised at age 36 because It was something that I always wanted to do. I have therefore had experience with and without the foreskin. I am very happy being circumcised, my wife prefers it that way, she says that it looks far better than an uncircumcised penis.
Anonymous says2013-06-30T17:09:36.253
I am a woman in middle age and this subject comes up sometimes, very few women that I have discussed this with prefers a un circed penis. It could be the area I live in (midwest), but vast majority has their boys circed. I even heard a much older woman express her opinion. She is a former RN who strongly belives in circumcision to help hold down the HPV infections in women. For most women, the foreskin is not at all desireable and should be removed, it involves a small sting when done when the boy is small.
Anonymous says2013-07-10T00:56:54.210
I was born in Ireland and was not circumcised as a child. With my parents, I migrated to Australia where infant circumcision was close to 100% for my generation. As a teenager I kept my foreskin retracted always – day and night it comfortably stayed behind the head and never slipped over the glans. Also, I was very particular about penile hygiene. I never had smegma or unpleasant odours. During my life as a young man I had a frenetic sex life – hundreds of young women. No-one complained about my uncircumcised state, some were fascinated because they had never seen an intact penis before, they willingly gave me oral sex, although 2 or 3 said that oral was better with a circumcised penis, because there wasn’t any “excess skin” to hold back. Judging by their comments, at least 3 of my female friends didn’t even realize that I was not circumcised.
I have heard that men who keep their foreskins retracted frequently go on to get circumcised. Despite warnings from a girlfriend that adult circumcision was extremely painful, I finally decided to have it done in my early 30’s – freehand circumcision under local anaesthetic. I looked forward to the day with great anticipation and a little apprehension. The worst part was the anaesthetic needle into the glans – that made my eyes water. The procedure took about 20 -30 minutes and I was sent home. Circumcised on Friday and back to work on Monday. The recovery was never painful, hardly even uncomfortable, although my glans went quite black for a few days – apparently this is normal.

I am really happy that I finally have a circumcised penis. I has highlighted that I have a quite flared and shiny glans. Numerous women have said things like “You must have been at the head of the queue when they were handing out penises”, “You have a really beautiful penis, but I guess you’ve been told that before” etc. I love the positive feedback. Only one negative comment – one woman told me that circumcision was barbaric. I didn’t bother with her again.
I think I have perhaps lost a little sensation but nothing significant.
I guess that because there is less skin movement on the shaft of my penis after circumcision, it is sometimes a little difficult to slip into a vagina that is not well lubricated – occurs more often as we get older. This problem is overcome by focusing more on foreplay - esp. By giving extra oral – a wonderful pleasure in itself. I love having a circumcised penis and I love the positive feedback from women – I just wish that I had it done sooner.
Anonymous says2013-07-27T10:57:06.997
"it involves a small sting when done when the boy is small." - second comment.... Doesnt get much more ignorant than that.
It seem as though every woman who has commented on here is from the US, some of these reasons for pro-circ are ridiculous! I get it that people find it more attractive, even though it is purely for aesthetic reasons, but let me address some other issues.
Calling an intact penis unclean makes you sound like a 15 year old girl in the debate club who is coerced into a subjective opinion about circumcision because of this ridiculous stigma surrounding intact penises that has somehow habituated itself in american society. Labia accumulate a comparable amount of smegma, but everyone in America throws their arms up in the air when anyone mentions female circumcision. A very interesting bias exists there..I'd have to chalk this one up to more ignorance.
Threat of HPV and cancer? Well ladies, I believe breast cancer and ovarian cancer are up there with the biggest threats to womens health...Yet no one is demanding they be cut out or off of your bodies.

There is a reason humans were made this way... These aesthetic reasons are pathetic. Just one of the many illustrations showing how messed up our society...Primarily North American culture.
Anonymous says2013-08-09T16:01:08.380
I have a foreskin and in my opinion women don't really care. I've had sex with only one woman who expressed a preference for uncut. She told me it slipped into her vagina more easily and so felt better, a little smoother, less rough. She also told me that uncut men tend to stay deeply penetrated and therefore stimulate her clitoris more constantly and consistently. She said cut males like to withdraw almost completely and thrust in full length strokes, making clitoral contact erratic. This difference only applied to normal/average men. A man with an unusually thick erection gave good clitoral stimulation regardless of how he liked to thrust. But in her experience, such large penises are the exception not the rule.

The truth is, over his life time, the person a man has sex with the most is himself. So for masturbation, having a foreskin has advantages. The foreskin provides anywhere anytime, irritation free stimulation, with no artificial lubrication required. Just an absorbent tissue to catch the ejaculate and you're good to go. Father nature's design is intelligent.
Anonymous says2013-08-21T22:00:14.343
Uncut is better. Why were you born with one if it wasn't meant to be there? Would a woman want their clitoris cut off? I didn't think so........Every woman I have been with has loved it and loved to play with it....It can do tricks, hide, feels good, etc....And of course I'm uncut
SweetTea says2013-12-31T11:39:22.210
Do they "prefer"? It makes this sound like a poll for ice cream, or candy. You'd think they'd "prefer" to be in love, or at the least a serious relationship? How many of those opportunities does an individual get in a lifetime? One or two. Maybe, three? But, I suppose, if you are just in it for the sex -- and that says a whole lot in itself -- you can select a man on circumcision alone. No wonder divorce rates are up, in America!
Heartnothead says2014-02-02T08:25:47.313
In the passed decade there has been a decline in circumcision of baby boys in hospitals. Based on the CDC data. But the CDC noted that all three data sources underestimate the actual rate of newborn circumcisions in the U.S., since they don’t take into account circumcisions performed outside the hospital. The ritual is strictly observed in certain religions; Jewish families, for example, often have a mohel perform the bris at home.

Still, what would explain the overall declining trend? The CDC suggests many factors, including insurance coverage. The report says that circumcision rates in hospitals in states where Medicaid routinely covers it were 24% higher that hospitals without the same coverage.

"However, the authors of the CDC report prefaced their findings by noting that recent evidence shows that circumcision greatly reduces the risk of HIV transmission through heterosexual sex.

Data also suggest that lack of circumcision is associated with other sexually transmitted infections, including Chlamydia, genital ulcer disease and human papillomavirus, or HPV. Women who have sex with uncircumcised men appear to be at higher risk of cervical cancer, which can be caused by HPV."