Do first world countries need 'feminism' still?

Asked by: o0jeannie0o
  • There can never be too much equality.

    It makes no sense to ever state that we've reached a point where it's bad to make things more "fair". It's one of those things where we'll never reach a perfect state, but it will always be a good thing to come closer to it.

    Real feminism is about equality. People who fight to have "more of this, so the other has less" don't have a feminist attitude, although it is what they like to call themselves.

    If there are situations where women have an unfair advantage over men, it's also a good thing to evaluatie how to make things more equal. Even if feminism only specializes on one particular form of unfairness, it's always better than nothing at all.

  • Feminism is needed in first world countries

    Women are shamed for breastfeeding in public, even though their breasts aren't even sexual organs. They use it only to feed their child. Most feminists support everyone, gays, lesbians, and men. Proper feminists support both male and female rape victims. They defend men from hyper masculinity and they try to break gender roles. Real feminists want everyone to be equal.

  • First world, no we need equality and men are just as poorly and unfairly treated as women in first world countries

    Feminism in the first world is like animal farm "all gender issues are equal but female issues are more equal than others" if you want to be a real feminist go to the third world you are REALLY needed there!!! We have equality in first world yes there are issues to be sorted on both sides now woman have a voice thanks to Pankhurst etc we can work together as egalitarians :)

  • We are civilized and are equal in this time of day no matter what by law

    Feminism would've been an awesome thing before but now people by law are required to pay women equal or get jail time, feminism should go to developing countries where there's more trafficking, and problems with everyone. Third world countries need the support more than us. Usa will be more boring ( No offense ) if feminism over powers all protests.

  • Its outdated and useless.

    If it is illegal for someone to rape,kill, or pay you less. Then feminism shouldn't be an issue. Many feminists think that everyone is trying to oppress them in every aspect of life. Almost as if male gender has a hidden device inside of their heads that keeps them from doing what they want.

  • Third world countries.

    I see all these feminists on the internet and everywhere claiming that first world countries still need feminism, and if you ask me, they absolutely do not. I'm no MRA supporter but there are plenty of injustices rather towards men than women, even in the legal system and in jail sentences. The first comment I saw claims women are shamed for breastfeeding. Not once in my life have I ever encountered someone shaming women, whether directly or indirectly, for breastfeeding. People understand that it's the natural way, and if you seriously believe women are shamed for that, you're clearly finding the wrong people and being in the wrong places.

  • Totally Not. You're priviliged enough.

    Women in first world counties argue about "slut shaming" and "the freedom to show their upper abdomen." While I somewhat understand rape culture but not to a full degree, I believe it's your appearance and behavior that will lead to you getting raped. I know may people would disagree with me, but it's true. That's a whole other topic. Women in 3rd world counties are the only ones that need feminism and I would totally fight for them. They're slaves to their husbands, are forced to get married at the age of 7, cannot be seen without their hijabs (in a handful of counties) can only go outside when their husbands tell them to, if they report a rape most of the time they get thrown into prison or even even RAPED again, and so fourth. Compare that to some angry feminist in America whos mad because she believes she can't wear skimpy "whorish" clothing or expose her breast. Exactly. Support for 3rd world counties, 1st ones, please shut the hell up.

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  • Equality towards women in first world countries has already been achieved.

    The whole whining about not enough women being CEOs is just because to be a CEO you need to take initiative. Women tend to just hope finding a rich man to marry. As for domestic violence around 45% of victims are male. Wage gap is simply a myth that has been debunked years ago. Feminism is just a wild and overused excuse by fat white women on tumblr to justify the reason why they're in that position.

  • Not the feminism I See

    Third world countries still need feminism, yes, 100%. We do not. The wage gap, while it should not exist, is very minuscule compared to what it was. Domestic violence and rape done to women is highly frowned upon and could get you serious jail time, so much I'd be willing to argue it's really domestic violence and rape against men no one really pays attention to. And women's sexualization in video games in particular is hardly ever talked about in the context of the game. Sometimes the character is dressed in a certain way for a battle advantage, or it's part of their attack scheme. But that fact is rarely acknowledged, and all they talk about is the fact that they're sexualized. These issues and many more are not dealt with properly by modern day feminism in the first world. They either inflate the facts, take things out of context, or don't acknowledge the other side of the issue.

  • Not the Feminism I see

    I'm not that familiar with feminism, but what I have seen of it isn't pretty. Perhaps I'm unfairly judging the whole group based on the actions of the few, but the movement I see today isn't about equality. It's about power. It's filled with petty people trying to control what everyone thinks, says and feels about everything.

  • No we don't.

    We don't need feminism. Equality yes but not feminism. Just the name of the ''ideology'', if so to speak, tell that it is pro women and not equality. The western society has, mostly, reached a point where we don't need a movement to reach equality, just some common sense. It seems like the feminists today are just whining about everything just because they want something to be angry at while back in the WWII the feminists really fought for equality but that equality has, mostly, been reached.

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