• Puberty sucks and we are in the present here.

    Come on periods and pregnancy also birth. And Hakeem_Elamin we woman would like to fight for our country , but Men don't think we are capable of it they think we are wimps. Go to YouTube and search men trying the pain of birth and you will see that men who saw they can handle the pain will be proved wrong.

  • Why do girls have it harder than boys

    Yes because we have to deodorant everyday we have to wash our hair we have to buy pads and tampons we have to go through a period every month for a week we also have to carry the baby feed the baby and than have the baby go through mood swings and some people could be mad at us for that

  • All things considered...

    I had a massive sex joke ready to go, then thought better of it.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Read dis rass

    Cuz deh rass have to sit down all fucking day and text dem gyal to hook up in dem night club to grind on one coolie bai cunt cunt cunt cutn cutn whefufkhuduighriygeiuytiuewgriuehh nbsdujurhs vryefg vyreg urev rueru grb hj4 fg ass ho.Lewe fjewk fewjf rfuwebdfuwe du3 dwjd wj dc

  • Go back in history and see who really had it hard

    I'm sick of all these people saying girls have it harder then guys when basically guys have it harder because it is really easy for a girl to get a guy, and for a guy to get a women he have to prove to her he loves her. Men has died way more then women, in wars and civil wars. And we can't denie it because women wasn't allowed to be in a war only guys was. And guys are most likely to get in trouble for things they didn't do. And a women can get away with a crime faster then a guy. A guy is mostly the world's target, and men rights is not as powerful as women rights.

  • Girls and boys lives are equally hard

    Yes some girls lives are harder than some boys but some boys lives are harder than some girls it's called life, now if you wanna go around saying that girls have it harder, go ahead, but just know that some men have lives that are some of the hardest in the world. And some women have some of the hardest lives in the world. We all have to raise a family, manage finances, and get a job. So I dare you to give one reason that all girls lives are harder than all boys lives. Or that boys lives are harder than girls. Oh that's right, you can't!

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arrivingdragon250 says2015-09-04T09:29:03.880
Good question you ask, but it will occur Sexism, bias among both Genders, you can't say boys lives are harder than girls or girls lives are harder than boys, everyday boys and girls have to face everyday challenges, so you can't say that.