Do girls have too much pressure on them to have a 'perfect' body? Is being a little overweight effect a woman's beauty?

Asked by: Sydj01
  • Girls all over the world are scared to go outside because of how they might look

    If you were a little girl with a big hart and you are always being beaten with hateful words because you look or sound different? Well i have something to say to all thous girl, you are perfect and better than what others says because everyone is different and that is more than ok.

  • There isn't really an answer

    Yes there is to much pressure but you put two questions, being a little above average in weight does not make a girl and less or any more beautiful then she already is. So your two different questions in one poll contradict each other no ones vote can be accurate because you don't know which question they are answering.

  • Perfect Body for Girls

    Yes, girls do get pressured into having a perfect body because all guys look at in a girl is their butt or their other parts and if a girl don't have those features then no guy will date her because she don't have a big butt or maybe she's not skinny enough for them. So I do think that girls get pressured into having prefect bodies

  • It doesn't matter our size

    !00% - 0%. I'm writing this because not one person who answered this poll said that being a little overweight does not affect a woman's beauty. Just because a girl may be thicker than others doesn't mean she isn't just as beautiful as others. Although I come to you as a skinny and tall girl that models, I also come to you as a girl, a girl that is very self-conscious, no matter how I look or how pretty other's tell me I am. I propose this thought that the size of a woman does not matter, I come to you with not being able to feel what other girls feel when they cry at the sight of themselves in the mirror or starve themselves just to be a "perfect size". It doesn't matter the size of a woman, we are all in some way self-conscious about our body. Not everyone can look in the mirror and be proud of how they look, the thought of a perfect body doesn't only affect women but men too. We are all beautiful (or handsome) in our own ways and we take people's negative thoughts about our bodies more than we take the positives that some tell us. Although we do have a pressure to be perfect, we are unique and should accept the way that we see ourselves and others.

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