Do government policies effect the everyday lives of normal citizens?

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    I believe government policies effect everyone's lives whether they realize it or not. There are policies that people are completely unaware of. There are policies that regulate wages, air travel restrictions, health care, insurance companies, the taxes withheld from your pay check, the interest rate on your savings account, visas, and lots more. No one thinks about how policies affect us everyday.

  • Some of the Do

    There are many government policies that do not effect the everyday lives of the common citizens, but there are policies that do impact people. Almost every interaction with government is based off some policy so when you file taxes that is a policy that consequently effects almost every American. When you apply for government services, like social security, again you see normal citizens affected by policy.

  • Yes, of course they do.

    Government policies are what reguate an entire nation and what decides how people are going to generally do business and conduct themselves in public. It also decides what a lot of the norms are, how people do math, and how they are going to spend their money. It affects everything.

  • That's sort of the whole reason for government.

    Yes, government policies do in fact effect (and affect) the every day lives of normal citizens. Whether it's federal regulation of how cars are designed, how bacon is produced or how buildings are constructed, it affects us. Welfare policies affect us. Tax policies affect us. That's what government does -- affect or lives.

  • Policies affect our everyday lives.

    Government policies affect everyday lives of normal citizens because the government is integrated into many aspects of life. For example, traffic laws and paying taxes are two of the biggest areas that pertain to this. Being affected by policy isn't a negative thing, it simply means we all have a part to play in keeping everything in order in society.

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