• Background checks are very effective

    Background checks are currently conducted by local police forces and also detective agencies. While there is always a handful of bad apple governments, it's also interesting that many people are actually totally checked out when they are being checked by the police and others. Criminals must undergo background checks to be legal.

  • For the most part, yes.

    Background checks for the most part work. The problem is that not all gun sales have background checks with them. Another problem is that a lot of mental health data is not accurately recorded for background checks. I think that we need to have universal background checks for all to help.

  • Yes, they work, to a degree.

    Background checks work to a degree, by stopping people who are known criminals from obtaining guns legally. That being said, there are way too many ways for them to obtain guns otherwise, such as from friends or family, or by stealing them. People who shouldn't have guns and who are dangerous are still able to get them. So do they work for keeping guns out of people's hands? Yes and no. They keep them from getting them legally, but they won't keep people who are really determined from getting them.

  • They Work

    Yes, background checks work and always have. That goes for guns or anything else. They let someone's past be known and allow people to make judgments on character. Background checks tell a lot more about a person than an interview or application to something can tell. There is reason so many corporations have background checks. They work.

  • Yes

    Yes I think that gun background checks work when people get guns the legal way. The checks go through a person's criminal history and can prevent someone from obtaining a gun that should not have one. The only problem is that real criminals that want guns do not usually obtain them legally, so background checks do not matter.

  • No, but we should try.

    Background checks that are done for gun ownership do not seem to be working very well because a lot of people with problems are slipping through the cracks and owning them. However, at least it is good to try and to toughen up the rules so that less mistakes are made.

  • Gun background checks do not work.

    Gun background checks do not work. I am sorry but if you want a gun for something else besides protection you will not go through the background check anyway. Criminals have always had guns no matter what the law is. I think that gun background checks are just a waste of time.

  • Criminals don't care!

    No, background checks will not work. BG checks during retail purchases are fine, however many guns used to commit violent crimes are purchased on the black market, where no one is concerned with a background check. As such, individuals who legally purchase guns will be submitted to checks, while criminals laugh while buying their AK-47s.

  • Criminals don't buy guns legally.

    Background checks only keep honest gun dealers from selling guns to criminals. But it doesn't keep criminals from buying guns from illegal gun dealers. In fact the background check laws make sure that the dealers in illegal guns will always have business. Gun control has proven to be as useful as prohibition.

  • No They Don't

    Background checks do not work because they are not enforced in every instance. If you buy a gun at a gun show, you do not need to have a waiting period or a background check. This means that only people that would pass a background check are even getting one. We need to make stricter laws that make it impossible to buy a gun without getting a license and a background check.

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Anonymous says2013-04-04T00:40:58.510
What do they actually do for the background check, who does the checking?