• Guns make this place safer.

    Yes, guns are violent and can kill someone, but there's a law. You need permission to have a gun, which limits the possibility of someone using one for bad purposes. Also, police use guns to keep society safe, which is another reason why guns are safer for society. And if people do use guns for the wrong reason, there's something called jail; and that'll keep them locked away for years. A killer could be hiding among us, wielding a gun? There are killers already hiding among us right now!

  • Guns safe!!!!!!! Seriously

    As long as they're in the right hands like a mental person heck no but a sain its cool man its cool so all you nutty people out there who say NO to guns you must have never shot a gun in your life go out and buy one and enough ammo to choke the Ruskies and then some you crazy as joker person oh and potato potato potato go trump is a 3 year old racist and will start ww3 through ww100 and sucks BIG TIME so yeah suk on dat trump

  • There has to be a limit.

    I'm not going to be one of those people who says that guns don't help at all. I know that guns can help to defend yourself, but we can't just give guns to everyone. Imagine if you were walking in a public area and no-one or next to no-one had a gun, you wouldn't give safety a second thought. Now imagine if you walked into a public area where everyone has a gun. You'd constantly be paranoid! Don't tell me that no-one would shoot you because they are law-abiding, you don't know that. Yes, most of them are probably law-abiding citizens with no bad intentions, but it's so easy for a killer to hid amongst a crowd of people with guns. No-one would suspect a thing if they saw someone with a gun. Guns have a place in this country, but we can't just give guns to everyone. We need some gun control.

  • Guns don't make decisions

    Does a gun create violence? No
    Do guns make people want to shoot somebody? No
    Do guns- NO
    People will always find a reason to blame guns, and not people! People kills people! It's just that simple! People cause violence, not guns. Guns are tool, non-sentient tools. So if you are blaming a tool, how big of a moron are you?

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