Do home schooled children have an advantage over public schooled students?

  • More Personalized Instruction

    Although it clearly depends on the school in question, home-schooled children most often receive far more individualized attention and feedback on their work than public school children. In that way, the home schoolers have a tremendous advantage in the progress they can make in school. However, public school kids likely have an advantage in regards to socialization and social tolerance.

  • Homeschooled children are at a social disadvantage to public school children.

    Home schooled children do not have the same amount of social interaction as public school children. This actually puts them at a disadvantage. Learning comprises more than what takes place in a classroom. School is also where we learn much of the diversity and social interaction expected of us when we leave school and enter the work force. Children who do not have the opportunity to learn how to integrate with those who are different or who have different ideas are at a considerable disadvantage when they move on from school and into the working world.

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