• Yes,we are failure

    Humans greed is never ending.Every single one of us need to die.This world will survive without us.We just saying to our self that this world need us, to give us permition to take everything.But the sad truth is we digging our own graves and we taking every living things with us.Sad but that is the truth.If we want to save this world we must die.

  • Humans are living breathing raw sewage

    This world is full to the brim with diseased and despicable human garbage. This world is uninhabitable, growing numbers of people with nothing and nowhere to go. Ethics are arbitrary. Those who procreate deserve torture for their callousness and hedonism. Fuck all these brainless swine, the smartest people either blow out their own brains to save time and suffering or wait out their lives, living wisely.

  • Humanity is evil.

    Humans are born enlightened madmen, to take over this world, to consume anything we see fit, to be wrathful, prideful, slothful, lustful, envious, greedy, and gluttonous. We are pathetic, cowardly, back-stabbing, ignorant, and evil. And in my honest opinion, death is the only fitting answer to this problem. Thank you.

  • Humanity is a plague. We will kill if we want, we will take if we want, and destroy if we want.

    People who think there good are wrong, they have done something bad no matter what and you might say "well we're only human" your right, and what is a human. A human is a greedy,selfish,cold hearted piece of shit who will do anything to get what they want, while wildlife, animals, ecosystems and the world in general are livestock and in danger of extinction just cause "we are only human.

  • We deserve to die

    Every individual being thrives on their own selfish survival this extends to their family friends and then the others who share their values and beliefs I.E religion. If you do not connect with them in any of these ways then you are an outsider a rival and competition. This has made the world it is today fighting for land and resources has caused all the wars, global warming and ultimately to the extinction of the human race. I'm happy because humans are despicable. We are like lupus, a disease that attacks it's own body. We kill the environment that has evolved to keep us alive we are just plain stupidly crazy. We destroy the environment that keeps us alive

  • We know what we are doing

    Evolution is a reactive process......Not predictive.....In all of evolution`s creatures...We are the only ones that can look into the future....Judge our actions on a supposed moral stance......Yet we have a capitalist system based on eternal expansion in a closed system......So we simply deserve what we are going to get on a simple evolutionary principle....The earth will be here long after we remove ourselves.....Even with 500 nuclear reactors doing a Chernobyl on our way out it is nothing but a blip on the overall scheme of things...
    Too bad for our beautiful nature...

  • Of course, its only logical up to this point.

    Humanity has not advanced a step from the Stone Age, they have regressed morally more than they have progressed. The fact that an anomaly such as "The Dark Web", full of inexplicable evil worthy of Satan's attention, exists and personifies the abominations that is now a normal and common thing to the world in itself is more than enough reason for humanity to cease its own existence.

  • Human civilization is based on lies

    Why do we build civilization if we cannot behave civilized? Nothing makes a difference between humans and animals. Not only the strongest survives, but the inventions of civilization -which are made to bring equal chances, better living and a global emotional community- just make stronger the dimensional differences based on any stupid thing. Social class, race, religious views, state of health, age, occupation, monthly income and political views.

  • Global -warming and extension

    If we do not get our act together the greedy will rule the world and destroy it for all nature . We are a pest on face of earth and out of control using energy to support our lazy habits and wastfull ways . What a wonderful place we live in and we are distriying it .

  • R r r r

    F f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f

  • Path to peace

    I know you mean well, your a good person, but you just don't get it. You didn't think it through. We do bad things. To each other. The chaos that plagues us. The emotions. We came to protect earth. But there can only be one path to peace, your extinction

  • Deserve is a social construct; The ability to socially construct evolved to aid in our survival not end it!

    Deserve is a social construct. It becomes real through our communications and because we change our behavior according to the concept of "deserve". It's a useful construct. Society does better when some people are rewarded and others penalized. It does us no good at all to define humans as deserving of extinction.

    The very concept of "deserve" and indeed our very ability to come up with and effectively use social constructs is the product of evolution. We evolved to be smart enough to come up with these concepts and apply to them to our daily lives. This evolved in order to help us survive, not cause our extinction. Therefore it is a misuse of the construct to try to convince people that humans deserve to be extinct.

    People saying we deserve to be extinct and similar anti-human sentiments is what drives so many people away from environmentalism. I am an environmentalist, but I am an environmentalist because I am pro-human. Pollution causes disease in humans. Destroying ecosystems harms humans since we are destroying potential sources of medicine and just by destroying things humans may be able to observe and enjoy. Global warming could be catastrophic for humans leading to wars and famines, perhaps nuclear war and the extinction of our species.

    Humans do not deserve to be extinct unless we all make ourselves believe that and doing so would provide humanity with no benefit. Humanity deserves to get smart and dedicate ourselves to managing the environment responsibly so that in the future more humans can survive and comfortably so.

  • Wait and See.

    The word "deserve" requires a judgemental framework in order to make sense. The one judgemental framework that is most thoroughly undeniable is existence itself. If we ever do "deserve" death, we will die, automatically. Until then, our continued existence is proof that we deserve life.

    If you come up with a different answer, do tell: what is the judgemental framework you're using to answer the question differently than life itself?

  • Not all humans should be condemned to extinction

    I have to agree that in the past and the present, many of the actions that we as humans have done to destroy the world and life around us (I can't deny the fact that the world may benefit without myself); there are some people though that I believe deserve life. You see, I have simple motive in life, there is goodness in everything around us and to simply die, I believe would be rather irresponsible of us when there are so many things that we could do to actually to restore this world.

    Personally, there are many people out there that are good in heart (although sometimes it not clear at time); some people that are kind hearted or selfless. Nature could restore itself without the need of humans, but death is just one possible solution. Instead of just having us all die I believe that perhaps one better thought is to find harmony within the many different species, even if it may prove difficult.

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