• Ireland fans have 'won' Euro 2016 and will be presented with a medal

    And now the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has confirmed that she has sent a letter to Irish President Michael D Higgins to say that the Irish fans will be honoured.

    According to reputable media outlet AFP, Mayor Hidalgo will present the city of Paris medal to Ireland fans for the "exemplary sportsmanship” and the “good atmosphere” they brought to France.
    Martin O'Neill, Robbie Keane and FAI CEO John Delaney all praised the Ireland fans on their return to Dublin this week.

  • Yes, small nation's fans deserve respect

    Considering the widespread reports of rioting and violence from fans of other nations I feel that the wider football community as a whole could take a lesson from the conduct of the Icelandic fans. They have shown great support to the successes of their small national in the competition and deserve recognition.

  • No, Iceland's sports fans do not deserve a medal for sportsmanship.

    No, Iceland's sports fans do not deserve a medal for sportsmanship. Sportsmanship should be expected of all fans as a prosocial behavior. People shouldn't receive rewards simply for acting as they should. Instead, sports fans who act badly should be arrested and prosecuted as a deterrent to others who want to behave in such antisocial ways.

  • I do not think anyone deserves medals of sportsmanship.

    Giving out medals for sportsmanship is not necessary. Everyone involved in sports, be it the fans or the competitors, should be sportsman like. There is no need to congratulate this behavior because it should be expected. It is my opinion that medals given out for sportsmanship are not necessary, sportsmanship like conduct should be common sense.

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