Do international aid agencies need to step up and address Nigeria's food shortage?

  • They should address any crisis that comes along.

    I believe that these types of charities were made for a reason. They should be able to help as much as possible. Even if their resources are limited they should help in any way they can. That is what these international aid agencies were created for. Nigeria should be no different.

  • Yes, they do.

    Nigeria's food crisis is very serious. International Aid organizations are obligated to help out Nigeria by giving them food. These organizations have been created to help out countries and people around the world who are facing a serious crisis. Nigeria is without a doubt facing such a crisis and need help.

  • Yes, international aid agencies should turn attention to Nigeria's food shortage.

    Yes, agencies that dispense aid internationally should not be ignoring the food crisis in Nigeria. There is no reason why such a critical problem that could lead to so many deaths should be ignored. Our world produces surpluses of food that could easily be shared with those who need it, and refusing to do so is tantamount to an act of violence.

  • Food is a human right.

    I do think that international aid agencies need to take the food crisis in Nigeria more seriously. Food is a basic human right, and it is heartbreaking to see so many people, especially children, starving. It's time to aid agencies to step in and really make a difference for the people of this country.

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