• Yes, well at least they measure something.

    Critics of IQ often bring up how there are different forms of intelligence that IQ does not capture. While this is accurate, the types of intelligence that IQ does test for have been highly correlated to educational and economic success. Another criticism is that IQ is only useful for western society. To that I would question why then do Asians score among the highest? I think that this line of reason in not completely off-base, I just think it is because western society is more meritocratic. A lot of middle eastern and African societies value force and violence over intelligence. So IQ does measure western success, but only because the west is better civilization

  • IQ tests have proven mostly accurate at measuring intelligence.

    IQ tests are mostly accurate at measuring intelligence. This has been proven is many studies. For example IQ tests given to an incoming college freshman can predict with a good degree of accuracy how well that person will perform at college and later in life. Those with high IQs will succeed in their studies and their professional life, while those with low IQs generally fail and make poor decisions later in life.

  • Yes, and that's why they're dangerous.

    I'm pretty much against intelligence testing outside medical contexts (such as after a traumatic injury to determine the extent of cognitive impairment). It's because I believe that they do measure intelligence that I'm afraid of them. That is, I don't want to know my full potential and I don't think it's productive to society to tell people theirs. I have a vague idea of roughly what my IQ is, but I am pretty adamant about not taking my certainty any further.

  • Why would it?

    Since there 8 different kinds of intelligence, the IQ test only measures 1/8 of your true ability to think, learn, and do stuff. If they created a more accurate IQ test, then maybe my opinion would change. There have only been debates that it doesn't or it does work but many people, I think, haven't thought to actually improve the test at all.

  • There is more than one type of intelligence

    An IQ test only tests one kind of intelligence. There are 8 different kinds and to test only one is to say your 1/8 intelligence. Why test only 1/8 of your brain? Some people's brains work better in different regions than others. This is an unfair test all around. Thank you.

  • It does not!!!

    There is much different intelegences Iq is only one type of intelligence out of loads.Its definetly not accurate. I don't know how it can test your intelligence because it's just a bunch of patterns and sequences and not very realistic. I think it's really unfair how they just choose one level of intelligence and everyone has to do.The education system is horrible!!!

  • Howard Gardeners theory!!!

    Howard Gardner was a professor at Harvard university when he discovered the theory of multiple intelligence which involves...Well literally multiple forms of intelligence. There are 8 forms in this theory and they are naturalist, visual, intrapersonal (self), interpersonal (others), Verbal, Logical, musical, and kinesthetic. This basically means that there isn't just one IQ to test but 8 different forms of intelligence. The only thing an IQ test actually tests is your logical thinking skill so yeah.... DOES IT.

  • IQ measures logical thinking but not creativity - both are of equal importance.

    IQ tests measure calculative thinking where solutions to a problem are either right or wrong. The problem with these kind of tests is that they only test one aspect of real life problem solving. Much of the problems that we encounter require in our day to day lives require a combination of logic and creativity.

  • It is not universal so cannot be comparative

    If is should be mirror of intelligence, it should compare all intelligent object: humans, animals, computers. It does not. These tests are more about logic and solving ability.
    It can't be applied for:
    AI and computers
    young children
    people who can't see/read
    people who are well versed at solving puzzles

  • Tests measure how well you can take tests, not your intelligence.

    Take the SAT for example. Memorizing hundreds of vocabulary words does not measure your intelligence! It measures how well you can memorize words. Plus, the test is timed. Everyone takes tests at their own speed. What if the person taking the test is a slow reader? They should get extra time because reading the question is costing them precious time, and if they run out of time, it's not because they're slow or stupid, it's because they didn't even get a chance to go through all of the question. Tests don't even measure other important things like critical thinking, working with other people or creativity.

  • Multiple college degrees with low to average IQ score

    I have two bachelors degrees with one being in Mechanical Engineering Technology and the other in Mathematics. I also have an Associates in Pre-Engineering and earned an Organizational Management and Culture certificate with a 4.0 GPA. With all of this education, I have a low to average IQ score. My ACT score was only a 20 and my total SAT score was a 910. Therefore, to me, an IQ score is not indicative of intelligence.

  • It's more of an illusion.

    Measuring someone's intelligence against a variety of questions, ranging from 12-40 is quite absurd. For example, intelligence is about ones capacity for: logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving. As a majority of IQ questions is based on "find the odd number in the pattern" that doesn't really represent intelligence, especially not the factors described in a definition. How does finding an odd number in a pattern show creativity, planning, self awareness, communication? Maybe memory but nothing else.

  • IQ is not a predictor of genius

    Mensa is infamous for its scrabble champions. Given the mind boggling variety of possible inventions, activities, and theories; IQ must have very little to do with intelligence. Among the "elite", creativity is thought to be the product of IQ. So it's fair to say that IQ must have nothing to do with intelligence, because Mensa members do the darndest things with their time.

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