• The internet is not bad, but we are spending too much time on it.

    The internet is the most valuable source on Earth today. It can be used for research and gives many people a window to todays' world, but that does not mean that everyone today is using the internet for schoolwork or valuable research. We cannot assume that when we use the internet we are doing ourselves a favour or that when we play games online we are stimulating our brain more than we can with books. Todays generation is completely wasting their lives in front of screens, all the while thinking it's good

  • Yes we are spending way to much time on electronics

    Kids are now obessed with internet and phones. Now days people can't even go without there cell phones for a day, some people even sleep with their phones. That how obessed we are. Also have you seen kids today there are kids in like 3rd grade that have iphone 6s pluses. When i was younger we had these huge box tv's and computers that you couldn't even move them. Now technology has changed are lives.

  • Kids become too addictive

    Because I used to watch primeval all the time using the internet, and I saw that I wasn't being a good student because I sent to much of my time on the internet. Kids don't know how to deal with addiction, so it is beneficial if kids spend less time on the internet, so kids don't become addictive

  • Defiantly i think children spend to much time on the internet!!!!!

    Back in my mums and dad day they didn't know what iPods and iPads were , they used to occupy ourselves by doing something natures way. They used to climb trees, skip pebbles, play hide and seek and many more things but now when children are bored, they sit an relax on the couch and play on electronics and that is all they do. There is a difference between back then and now.

  • YES Kids do

    Spend too much time on the internet. This is supported by the English Health Awareness Association as they have explained that mental illness from too much time behind a screen. Kids become more anti- social, lonely and depressed as they become more exposed towards the technology and are glued behind the screen.

  • Yes, all children spend time on social media because they don't know another way to entertain themselves.

    Back in the days we didn't used to have Apple iPods and iPads, we used to occupy ourselves by doing something natures way. We used to climb trees, skip pebbles, play hide and seek and many more things but now when children are bored, they sit an relax on the couch and play on electronics and that is all they do. There is a difference between back then and now.

  • Yes, kids are online more than outside.

    The internet is a great learning tool, similar to going to the library after school to work on a report. And it can give kids some play time to relax them and clear their minds. But when they are online for social networking instead of actually seeing friends and playing with them or talking with them then they are spending too much time online.

  • yes but i guess they can't help it

    i would definitely agree that kids spend way too much time on the Internet, but I understand why. They not only grew up with the Internet, but they have a generation of people ahead of them slowly becoming integrated with it. Also today's world demands more Internet use. More and more school courses are assuming that children have Internet access, if they want to apply for a job they will most likely have to do it online. It's a problem, but it's not entirely their fault

  • Yes, kids spend too much time on the internet

    Kids do spend too much time on the internet, i totally agree, so they need their phones taken away because they are addicted. I think kids should play on their rocks all day and have as much fun, i think. Your kids should also play with trees for fun, trees are the most funniest thing to do, you can mount them and ride them all night long. Be careful though, sometimes they make funny noises

  • Kids do not spend too much time on the internet.

    Have you ever been told that whatever you do in your childhood is what influences your whole life? Most likely yes. This is as the skills and knowledge you attain in your childhood helps you throughout your whole lifetime. If kids spend time on the internet, they learn essential skills like how to use it effortlessly and get what you want efficiently. Not everyone will turn out to be an athlete, and most other careers require skilful use of technology. If you do not learn how to use the internet. How will you progress in life?

  • No they don't

    Kids have nothing else to do we work hard for hours at school that the internet is basically our escape from reality. If you limit times we spend on the internet it also limits our time to escape our daily lives and our imaginations.
    We enjoy escaping our daily lives because it often involves stress and the time we spend on the internet in our own little world playing games helps to calm them down

  • No they don't

    What else can they do when I was younger I liked to clime trees but my parents decided that was to dangerous so what else do I do with my spare time. You want kids to get of the internet give them more freedom. The world now has to many rules and the internet has less

  • No they don't

    Kids should get to go online for as long as they want because they just already worked so hard at school then they have to come home to do even MORE work. Kids should be able to expand their brains and they need to go online in order to do that. I don't know about you, but i think kids need a break.

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