• They Are completely unnecessary.

    All that grades do is give students stress. Students eventually lose interest in learning. They grow prone to cheating, in order to get better grades. Also parents might also get stressed because they do not get what a good or bad grade is. I rest my case.
    Thank You,

  • They just pressure the kids a lot!

    I am a student and i find it really frustrating when my parents want me to get very good grades and want me to be a straight 'A' student. They also say that they won't buy me something if I don't get a good grade. Letter Grades are just too frustrating.

  • Grades Do More Harm Than Good

    Contention Number 1- Pressure for good grades often leads to high stress
    Sub points
    1. Professor Eric Roberts who is a professor of computer science and Professor of Philosophy Debra Satz stated that do to the pressure put on students by society and their parents they are more likely to stress out about receiving letter grades that they are more likely to cheat and to plagiarize other peoples work. (According to an article on Stanford News.Edu)
    2. Pressure by parents and schools to achieve top scores has created stress levels among students—beginning as early as elementary school—that are so high that some educators regard it as a health epidemic, said Denise Clark Pope, a lecturer in the School of Education and the author of Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic and Miseducated Students. "The number one cause of visits to Vaden Health Center used to be relationships, but now is stress and anxiety," she said.
    3. When Pope shadowed five students at an area high school for a year in order to research the sources of high-achieving students' intellectual engagement, she found instead that students spent most of their time "finagling the system" in pursuit of grades. "In every class where a test was administered, there was cheating," Pope said. Students feel as if their life success depends on getting the top SAT scores and the highest grades, she added. The students "know [cheating] is wrong; they tell me they wish they didn't do it," she said. "But they feel like the most important thing they do is get the grades, by hook or by crook."
    Contention number 2 – Students lose hours of sleep at night do to staying up late to finish homework and study to get good grades
    Sub points
    1. Students with a lower g.P.A are more likely to lose sleep each night do to staying up to study. On at least one night per week, 82.7% of students with a ‘C’ average slept less than they needed due to studying, compared to 73.7% of students with an ‘A’ average. (According to ASU.Edu/wellness/sleep)

    2. Most college and high school students say that studying keeps them awake too long at least one night per week one example of this is At Arizona State University where 77.3 percent of the entire student population loses sleep at least one night a week due to studying (According to ASU.Edu/wellness/sleep)
    3. Most college students, (65%) lose sleep due to stress caused by studying and trying to achieve that A plus grade. (35%) lose sleep due depression/anxiety caused by them fearing that they might get an F in a class (According to ASU.Edu/wellness/sleep)

  • Grades Are a False Way of Determining Success, And Are not Needed in Society

    Grades are way of determining how successful a student is. This is not right, as there are some people who are extremely smart, and can do great things in the world, but do not have good grades. Using the grade system, this means that the student is not successful. That mentality should not be kept. Success in school should not, and does not determine how successful a person can be out of school.

  • Yes, to an extent.

    Letter grades can do more harm than good. Students are not all on the same level of learning, it should not matter if they are capable of solving extreme problems quickly, but if they put the right amount of effort in. If a child is struggling that is not their fault and should be able to pass.

  • Grades Help Students

    If you don't get a grade, how will you know whether or not you're improving in the material? Getting grades could help you focus on what you need to learn, and improve on. They might cause stress, but it trains you for when you're in college and have assignments/essays due every other day. Thank you,

  • Grades are fine.

    They give you an accurate sense of where you are in the material, and you need to improve. Also, if a student is behind and doesn't have good understanding of the material, letter grades tell them that, and then if the student does not try to seek help, it their fault and should accept responsibility. You don't get that with a check mark.

  • Grades are accurate

    Letter grades split students into groups of how well each individual is doing. Any other system would be incapable of grouping students by knowledge of the subject. It makes it easy on the teachers because they know how well the class is doing, and they know if they need to teach more or if they can move on.

  • Grades are FINE!

    Letter grades aren't just an A or a C. Its an A+ or a C- etc. so it is very accurate for 2-3% Also whats a check mark gonna teach you? If you do something wrong and you get a check- it looks like an A- so you'd think you did good, when you really didn't. Which then you will keep doing the wrong thing, thinking its the right thing.

  • Nothing Wrong With Letter Grades

    The system of letter grades is an effective and simple on that works. Letter grades don't harm students in any noticeable way. Any other system would undoubtedly cause more harm anyways. With that in mind, letter grades give a simple breakdown of a student's performance in a given class or on a given assignment.

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