• Yes they do!

    Haters REFUSE to accept people who are different. Who even cares who you love?! We need to respect ALL people, not just LGBT! Young LGBT force themselves to live a lie because not all people are accepting. Slowly but surely, equality is happening. More and more LGBT members feel safe and brave enough to come out.

  • Yes we do

    LGBT students need special protections because they are the minority that tends to be bullied more. These are hate crimes for a reason people. We also need an easy procedure that doesn't make us feel threatened when it comes to reporting it. I know what its like first hand when nothing is done because we aren't protected by school policies.

  • Of Course,

    bullying is a huge problem, and LGBT youth can be singled out as a choice target for bullies. There are even cases where youth get wrongly labeled LGBT and tormented by bullies. Maybe they could make special "bully bins" to educate those meanies who go too far and will not change. Bad teachers could be demoted to the bully bins.

  • Yes, they deserve to be protected, constitutionally so.

    Yes, LGBT students need bullying protections. Bullying has far-reaching consequences, sometimes violent outcomes, and no one should have to fear such a thing based simply on one's sexuality. The constitution provides equal rights protection, and so all people, including LGBT students, have the right to exist as they are, without fear of repercussion.

  • They Need Protection

    LGBT students definitely need bully protection. Unfortunately, gays and lesbians are still discriminated against these days. They are bullied as well. There should be some law put in that protects people from this. Nobody deserves to be bullied. Whether you are part of the LGBT community or not does not matter. I am for bully protection.

  • I believe we need to stand against unnecessary bullying against all people.

    I am a heterosexual woman and have been bullied throughout my life. I don't understand why there is a need to make an anti-bullying law exclusively for LGBT. I agree with those who believe it perpetuates the issue of bullying and discrimination. I have found myself getting bullied by those of the LGBT community and I have no qualms with them. I do have qualms when I am getting bullied by anyone, regardless of their sexuality.

  • Why differentiate?

    I fully support the point made by anonymous. The more we set aside action for certain groups the more we create a feeling of difference. We need to teach tolerance of all choices that individuals make that do not hurt others. We need to teach that sexual orientation is not a societal issue.

  • No, We Would Be Better Off Teaching Acceptance

    When the word "bullying" is used, I assume we're talking about kids. Kids are not born intolerant, they learn it. We need to stop indoctrinating our kids with the "otherness" of the LGBT community. The problem with laws protecting LGBT kids from bullying is that it further perpetuates this otherness. Another issue is that it is not the bully's fault that he/she feels this hate, we have to remember that the bully is also just a kid and it is not too late for them to learn and grow out of the hate that they have been indoctrinated with. Punishing bullies doesn't solve anything, and it can often make them even more angry. No law is going to change us, we have to change us.

  • NO

    Should they be defended from bullies? Yes.

    Should they be given special bullying protections that specifically address them? No.

    When this question is asked, the second interpretation that I arrived at is usually what people mean. We already have rules that address bullying in most places. The simple fact of the matter is that if you give them a special category all their own, you only separate them from the rest of the students that much more.

    I do not believe that we should be tolerating bullying towards anybody, but I also believe that if one wants to create a society in which everybody is equal, then everybody needs to be equal. Giving LGBT students special categories simply because they are a minority or more apt to be picked on puts them on a pedestal. Doing such a thing is wrong.

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