• Yes and sadly.

    I have found that liberals will play the "race card" if it comes down to it. Sadly, it often times works as well since humans don't like to be ridiculed thus causing Conservatives to vote Liberal to prove Liberals wrong which is what they want you to do. Calling people "racist" or "homophobic" or "sexist" for now voting for a certain politician. I am a light-leaning Conservative since I do believe in some of the ideals that the Liberals have but I am saddened to see a political party stoop so low as to verbally label someone as a racist person or a homophobic person for not voting for them.

  • For nearly everything

    I hat to shoebox like this, but this is the reality that I've observed. Liberals tend to accuse views that they don't like with "racist", "homophobic", "sexist", "idealist", "right-wing extremist", etc. Sometimes these accusations are true, but they usually aren't. Sometimes, these accusations really aren't implying anything bad, although the accuser thinks so. None of this really matters though, because an argument is an argument, no matter from where it comes. Since when has hypocrisy, "homophobia", racism, sexism, political opinions, income, global location, gender, skin color, good/badness, or accent made logic illogical? If mother Theresa and Jack the ripper make the same argument, is it more true coming from either one? How could the truthfulness of an argument possibly be affected by who the arguer is?

  • I would have to say yes.

    I don't know how many times I've heard liberals cry, "Racist" when someone doesn't agree with Barrack Obama's policies. Or the way the Democratic Party torpedoed Herman Kain's campaign in the 2012 presidential election. Regardless of whether or not Herman Cain was guilty of the allegations or if they were even true, the Democrats were threatened by the fact that the opposition was supporting a black candidate and they would lose the ability to play the "race card." Or the way Barrack Obama "politicized" the Trevon Martin case (which was clearly a state matter and not a federal one), by dragging race into it. I did not vote for Barrack Obama simply because I don't agree with his views. It has absolutely nothing to do with his skin color and I think you will find most non-Liberals feel the same way.

  • Does Pinocchio have Wood Balls?

    It's straight out of the progressive handbook. It's their fall back issue time and time again as to why people individual responsibility is not a viable solution. They need people to believe in racism in order for them to get their needed votes. They can't win without their beloved "r" word.

  • Voting for Obama

    If anyone didn't vote for Obama in either of his campaigns, they were considered a racist and didn't want him in office solely based on the fact that he is African American, yet the liberals are the ones who voted for him only because they wanted a black president and not for his policies

  • Isn't it obvious already?

    Just to get our most glorious president in office the Democrats punned on how he was African-American, and said you should vote for him so we can have an African-American president. I don't think anyone (and I have to admit, including myself) cared about the socialism that just oozed from his mouth back in 2008. He taught at the most liberal college in the US, The University of Chicago. If that isn't a sign of a socialist, I don't know what is. He has made empty promises of not infringing the second amendment, and keeping your doctor, and insurance policies under the "Affordable Heath Care Act". Also, back in the early 2000s, he said that "Marriage is defined as being between a man, and a women." So much for that opinion. People complained about Mitt Romney throwing his opinions out the window for new ones, but our president has done that just to get votes, and I don't blame him. It's just that it all comes down to that I like a president that keeps his word, although under this administration it seems impossible for them to do what they say.

  • No, liberals do not use racism as an excuse.

    Liberals do not use racism as an excuse for anything. Liberals believe that everyone should have equal rights regardless of sex, race or even sexual orientation. Conservatives only have to look in the mirror to see that they don't have other races on their side. This is because they usually ignore their political issues.

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