• They definitely do

    You can say ''well I care about personality'' as do I! But that doesn't mean I'm going to date some who is unbelievably ugly, there's no point liking someone's personality if you're thinking ''oh god he/she is so ugly just disgusting'' every time you see them, go search up ugliest humans on google and then say ''I would totally date them and be in a relationship with them!'' if you do then you're lying to yourself

  • Looks do matter, and anyone saying anything different is lying

    I'm not saying looks are the most important thing, but they do matter. You've got to be physically attracted to the person you're with. I'm not saying they need the perfect body or face, but there's got to be some level of attraction there. If anyone says anything differently they're not being honest with themselves.

  • Looks matter in a relationship

    Women are attracted by a mans character, whereas men are attracted by a woman's looks. In a relationship and the passing of time if a woman does not maintain her looks she may find herself getting replaced by a younger version of herself. Oftentimes a man may not leave due to ties(financial, family and otherwise.) but will be unfaithful. Lack of sex is good indicator.

  • Character overrides looks

    An attractive appearance can of course draw you to a person. However, looks always fade for everyone. A person's character is unlikely to change and so if you have chosen the right person, their looks are like icing on the cake. But if you have chosen the wrong person, then looks are meaningless.

  • Looks don't matter

    Looks are usually something brought upon someone with no fault to themselves. In addition, attractiveness is merely a human construct based on health and fertility. If someone is attractive yet has a horrible personality, they will provide very little emotional support. While people may be attracted due to looks at first, it is soon of almost abismal importance. Just because someone isn't born into the lucky 1%, it means nothing of their character. Like in the book + movie "Wonder," if someone is less attractive, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. Once you get to know them, if there personality is to your type, look's will likely be much less importance.

  • Do looks really matter

    Yes I understand that looks are important to be attracted to someone but if some one has a good personality the importance of look and physical appearance just start to fade away, like my boyfriend he is not the most attractive person but he has the most amazing personality ever, and that's all that really matter in a relationship if its actually true love thought and if looks matter so much then your obviously not in love with the person but only there looks

  • Long-Term Relationship Based on Friendship

    When people first start dating, looks do matter in terms of attractiveness. However, in a long-term relationship, friendship matters much more than looks. If a relationship is based upon looks alone, there will be plenty of disappointment in the future and marriages won't last. Love, loyalty and friendship matter much more than looks for companionship.

  • Looks matter in attraction but not a relationship.

    By the time you've been around someone long enough to want to have a relationship with them, their physical flaws no longer seem to matter, you are seeing the deeper things of a person. While looks matter when it comes to attraction by the time you are at the relationship stage, they are less important.

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