Do men have more opportunities than women in today's society?

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  • Control over the Media

    Girls at a younger age are influenced to believe that that men are more superior women. They are taught to 'please' men, - for example, the fashion industry has changed significantly as women are more likely to reveal more skin, wear tighter clothing and to maintain their appearances. People are unaware that some of the highest fashion industries are run by men. We, as a society are unable to recognize this as nowadays, younger girls are being brought in an environment where it as seen as normal to wear such clothing. Overall, the media (mainly influenced by the men) has had an impact on females. Moreover, this proves that men have more opportunities as they are able to control things, more than women.

  • Look at the stats.

    Women arent allowed in many combat roles or high ranking roles in the military

    Most company CEOs or chairmen are men

    Men generally get paid more than women

    Most people under the poverty line are women

    Women in Saudi Arabia cant drive

    Also keep in mind this isnt just the U.S.

  • In some fields

    There are still certain lines of work that people believe men do better than women. Usually jobs that require more physical work such as construction, farming, and military jobs. Women are less likely to be hired or picked for those types of jobs because they're seen as weaker. Technically, women are weaker than men, but the difference isn't large enough to prevent a woman from pushing a plow.
    When it comes to movies, men still dominate. Sure, there's a woman in every movie but they play a supporting role or more commonly a love interest. Very few movies a female-centric because Hollywood believes that the American people just want to see a Channing Tatum-type.
    American society is still a patriarchy and men are still viewed as superior even if it's not as noticeable as it was in the 20's or 30's.

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  • Yes, men still have more opportunities.

    Even though great strides have been made for men and women to be more equal in society, there are still some things holding women back. As an example, some potential employers will ask questions to try and gauge if women are planning to have children, and if they are, they will be less likely to hire them. The same is not done toward men. There are also some biases in general against women, that still need to be changed. People often feel uncomfortable having women in positions of power, like as the head of a company, and we have yet to see a female President.

  • Unfortunately they do

    Even though times have changed over the past few decades, in the end, men still have more opportunities in life compared to women. More places are open to hiring men because men are less likely to have to deal with childcare concerns and other family issues where as women are more often seen as the family caregiver. Many times women are also viewed as the weaker sex which gives men the upper hand in a lot of business situations.

  • Women's Salaries Aren't Up to Men's

    For the same position, men make more money than women. The disparity is glaring and yet somehow companies get away with this all the time. Men have many more opportunities than women not only because of the fact they make more money, but also because they don't have to worry about being a single mother.

  • Yes, in terms of big business.

    There are opportunities that women have that men do not. For instance, there are lots of situations in which a woman will be welcomed without question while a man might look suspicious if he were just hanging out. But in terms of promotions and board rooms and big business, men still have their own club.

  • I Believe So

    As a woman in today's society I believe that men have more opportunities than women do. Having worked several entry level positions, I have seen many men step over me, in the words of progress. Men are more likely to obtain management jobs and work their way further up the latter of a business.

  • In Their Work

    Men usually get paid more in jobs that both women, and men do. Also, most men are presidents, and prime ministers, but women have been close to that. They just don't get the higher authority jobs that the men have. That is why I think men have more opportunities in today's society.

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  • I have an original opinion so read on.

    I believe that men and women have similar opportunities in the current western society in the sense that both women and men have access to various lines of work in a more or less nondiscriminatory manor. I also believe that there are lines of work that are culturally and historically the domain of one gender more then the domain of the other. For example field work in law enforcement has a bias towards men and the day care and education of small children has a bias towards women. That bias is not likely to change. Also in my experience reading news and opinions in online magazines I find that there is a sense of hostility in the jobs that have a certain bias against the gender with fewer people involved. And there are always people and communities where one or several person's respect for moral rules or the law are lacking or non-existent. Therefore many people may have a radically determined opinion of the lack of opportunities of women based on their own experience.

  • Putting aside the past in focusing on today, no.

    Women not only have equal opportunities, they at times have higher opportunities. Now-a-days women are hired above men out of fear of being called sexist, or to seem more female-friendly.

    We should also take into account that in many US cities today (as of early 2012), women actually earn more than men on average.

  • Equal but different.

    Men and women in societies are expected to uphold certain roles, but that does not mean one gender is superior to the other, or that genders are obligated to act a certain way. In fact, men and women can do whatever they feel they are responsible for, not what society asks of them. But even with the social standards set by societies, despite differences between genders, this has nothing to do with equality, they are simply jut different.

  • Women have exactly the same rights.

    Pay gap- That's on average throughout the whole US, it just shows that more men have better paid jobs, which they qualified for with degrees.
    More Congresspeople/MPs/CEOs are male- Because they're good at their job and it's democracy.

    We can't seriously rig voting results just to make sure women get into parliament/congress instead of men. That's beyond corrupt.

    Films/Movies- They hire well-known male actors like Samuel Jackson, Channing Tatum etc because they're good actors and good at their job. You can't just say 'Sorry, Daniel, you can't get the part because you're a man'.

  • There are more "Woman Only" labeled things than "Men Only" things.

    There are Strongwomen contests for women athletes that don't allow men, but strongmen contests have women divisions. Breast cancer has more funding than anything else, when heart disease is the actual killer. Women can pop out babies and sit at home on WIC. Men can't do that. Women get treated better in day to day situations. More is expected of men, and less sympathy is given to them. Women at grocery stores rarely have to bring the shopping carts back in, day or night. Not only do I feel women have equal opportunities, I feel they have better and more opportunities. But it's all a matter of experience and perspective I guess.

  • Women Do Not Have Equal Opportunities

    If you would look at the stats, many of them show that women do not procur high positions, in 2011, only 12% of the Fortune 500 companies were ran by women. Also, in America, England, etc. women are treated much more fairly than in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive.

  • No, there is fairly equal opportunity.

    No, men do not have more opportunities than women in today's society, because opportunities are for the most part equal. Women can receive equal educations, they can work, vote, and own property. If women are limited, they are limited by the expectations set by their parents. Women on their own are not generally limited by society.

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