• Yes, it's very evident.

    In modern society, there are a lot of double standards for men that women don't have to face. For example, the concept of holding open doors for women being polite is already an instance of gender-biased behavior. If men fail, they're more likely to be considered losers than women, who can get away with the "patriarchy" argument. The wage gap is simply because women don't work as much, and when they do, it's in lower paid industries like teaching. Why would a company purposely pay women less? They want to save money, so they would pay everyone a smaller amount, not just one group. Women's rape gains almost all of the media attention, as opposed to men, who are labeled as sex-hungry sharks. Some people may say that women are just supposed to look pretty, but just as much pressure is placed on men to keep themselves together.

  • It's self evident this is the case.

    There are more men in prison, more men working in dangerous fields, most workplace deaths are of men. Men rape cases aren't taken seriously, while women's rape cases are. In fact, some male rape cases are not called rape, but are instead 'made to penetrate'. Seriously, what the hell? Is rape not rape anymore?

  • Of course yes.

    Yes, this has been proven time and time again. Name one thing women have it worse as societally in 1st world countries? It is all easily refutable. Women get more lenient sentences for the same crimes. (Hillary Clinton didn't go to jail for a crime that Donald trump would've gone to jail for, speculatively.) Recently multiple airlines have had a sexist policy where males cannot sit next to minors. Males and males ONLY. Chivalry and "not hitting girls" is repetitively taught in schools but never the reverse. Females are always the victim. Multiple social experiments of men getting abused in public demonstrate that clearly, yet it's always the women's problems that matter. Always, in most situations.

  • Really? So men have it worse do they?

    Men get raped. So do women. Men have privileges at work. So do women. Men's rape cases aren't taken seriously. Women's rape cases aren't taken seriously. Let me give you a fact to think upon.
    -every two minutes, a woman in America gets raped.
    Think about that. While you were thinking, a woman in America just got raped. If we actually took women's rape cases more seriously and started acting like it was an actual problem, more people would be deterred from raping. Think real hard on this becuase in the next two minutes another woman's going to get raped, and then another, and another, and another, and another. How many women will have to be raped before we actually start taking this problem seriously?
    Do you know what the media advertises in the west? It advertises a specific way that women are suppose to look. This isn't anything new, in fact it's old information. The fact that this has been going on for so long is sad. I mean look around you, it comes from the TV, magazines, new papers, music. It hits women from all directions and not once have we even lifted more than a finger to actually stop this. And do you know who all of this being done to please? Men.
    We do not teach chivalry in school. Chivalry was lost when world war 1 and 2 happened. Here's another fact.
    -1 in 3 women will experience physical and/or sexual abuse.
    How sad is that? One third of the women's population will receive abuse. Think on that, and while you're thinking another woman probably just got raped.
    For thousands of years we've told women to shut up and look pretty in the corner, and suddenly now that they have their rights to actually speak up, they're making you feel uncomfortable? Sorry for the inconcienience that we've placed more priority on women rather than men. Sorry that we've made you feel uncomfortable. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we're trying to change the world. If you think it's unfair that men do not have the top priority anymore, try to imagine what it was like for women back in Rome. And while you were thinking another women just got raped.

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