• Schoools do rely on technology too much

    Some teachers aren't prepared if the computer/smartboard breaks down. Students barely write anything anymore everything gets printed out for them. Teachers should be making students write more thing out to help them learn.Teachers using technology all the time in school can decrease volunteering and just make the students sit and listen the whole class instead of interacting with other students and volunteering. Schools rely too much on technology because some teachers aren't prepared if the computer or smartboard break down, students barely write anymore, and teachers using technology can decrease volunteering in class.

  • We could use other resources instead of technology.

    We use it too much and rely on it too much for learning because at school teachers rely on technology for almost every assignment when instead of the technology for assignments the teachers could apply books and other things related to that. We also rely on the technology too much for things any how related to learning at school. We need new resources..

  • Back to paper and pencil please

    I'm in high school and on the first day of school, they handed out chrome books for us to do all of our assignments. I like technology and all but that doesn't mean I want to use it for everything. Its also getting to that point where sometimes, when your computer acts up, they will say its your fault and you just take a bad grade for it after all that work you did. All I'm saying is that teachers need to get they lazy asses up and start giving us the education we need. We mind as well say the technology is teaching us more than the teachers.

  • A b c

    A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  • Brain development in childern

    In my opinion having this much technology at hand for young people can cause harm as it will become a habit for my generation as they will think they can just pick up a phone and do a sum on it which will stop them from doing it mentally causing their brains to stop using that part therefore stopping brain development.

  • Too many kids

    Well firstly a child's finantual state can change just because of a school wanting them to buy a device. The parents shouldn't have to buy a device for their kids just because the school wants them to, the school should supply the devices because don't they want more students to join their school?

  • What happens when kids can't use Google to solve the answer?

    Public schools always complain that the budget is always getting smaller and smaller yet there are brand new computers and ipads in schools ranging from elementary to college. Most kids do not know how to write or read in cursive because writing classes aren't a requirement but a computer class is. Chalk boards are replaced with smart boards and almost everything, for me in college anyway I am required to type all of my papers which take away handwriting and style. All I have to say is that there is a reason why kids struggle so much with taking mandatory testing and why the scores are terribly low but yet they are able to pass the classes given with the no child left behind act.

  • I very much agree!

    I am a teacher and my job is to engage students for the full class time so they enhance and further their skills. Society is already affected by the overuse of technology and this should be not be happening in a classroom environment. If you need technology to make your classroom setting more interesting, then you may need to revisit to why you became a teacher in the first place. So much research is coming to light now that technology has not made our students brighter, rather the opposite...Sadly.

  • Schools rely too much on technology!

    Teachers rely so much on technology and it just reflects lazy teaching. It is less work for them. Now "teachers" are getting paid to provide us (students) with the materials we need to teach ourselves. Real teachers are becoming fewer and fewer...Where do all the real teachers go? Are they blind to how many kids HATE technology. Yes we may be kids of this generation, BUT that does NOT mean we want to learn ONLY with technology! PAPER AND PENCIL IS THE WAY TO GO! Most students that "like" teaching themselves just like the fact that it's an easy way out of assignments.

  • Of Course They Do....

    In the world of today, children aged 5 and over defiantly rely way too much on technology whether it being iPod, iPad, iPhone or Laptop/Computer...What ever, kids always seem to know how to use it or how to fix it in someway. 2 clicks and its done. Now-a-days this is just it, technology is taking over and kids are being to involved in them. Our problem is, it wont be stopped, this is the world!

  • Technology can help students with learning

    Technology can help students with their work because if they aren't sure about something they can just search it up. Technology can help students type up their work at school instead of waiting until the get home. If students need to ask their teachers a question and they are to shy to ask them in front of the class, they can email them asking their questions.

  • Deez nuts for president

    I am a 12 yr old boi. I canz both read and right correctly without misteak. Teknology haz help me lern like dis. I thinc that skoolz is not uzing 2 much teknology. I am 1 example of whii we neeeed teknology in skoolz. I am very smart. My moms says that 2

  • Technology helps learning

    As a student I can safely say that technology in modern schools is important however, that is not the question. I do not feel that schools rely too much on technology, because I have attended two different schools and both used ipads to help aid learning . The teachers and my classmates all had access to the ipads but we only used them on a one off, to aid research for a project etc. In my old school we did most of our learning from the interactive board which helps enlarge websites and allows you to use them as you would on a computer but instead on a special board which looks like a whiteboard. Conversely when the school's internet shut down for a couple of weeks we did not need to change much and we used the whiteboards instead of the interactive board. This was slower and harder for the teachers to explain on because the didn't have the access to websites for educational purposes. So I feel that schools do not rely on modern technology excessively but that technology helps speed up the rate of learning .

  • Technology is more practical

    It's a common occurrence pupils getting their work back covered in red ink so when a pupil has to redraft the essay it's much easier to just change the words or correct mistakes using Microsoft word rather than rewriting it. It makes it easier for students to receive work as well as instead of a teacher wasting 100 sheets of paper printing off resources for each pupil they can just email it to their class.

  • Modern technology is definitely important in modern education.

    Modern education is not at all worsened by the ever increasing technology prevalent in our schools of today. On the contrary, I believe that education is improved by our new technology including SMARTboards or iPads. It is great to have textbooks and learning materials on these devices because it 1. Makes the materials that the student has to carry significantly less 2. Makes immersive subjects easier to grasp and 3. Multitasking with cross-curricular subjects easier.

  • Modern schools do not depend too much on technology

    Modern schools do not depend too much on technology. This is because of the fact that technology is the wave of the future. Technology will save mankind as it will allow us to do things that we previously couldn't. Modern schools embracing technology is wise as people will be more prepared for this change.

  • Budgets Limit Technology

    I do not believe modern schools depend on technology too much. Overall, budgets don't allow for the mass purchase of up to date technology. When you add to the fact that technology is always evolving and keeping up to date can become expensive, schools can't afford to purchases all of these items. So, I believe they are not too dependent and maybe that's a happy accident as far as school funding goes.

  • Modern schools do not depend too much on technology.

    Modern schools do not depend too much on technology. Technology is not going to go anywhere and any tools that we can use in our education system should be allowed. I think that technology is a good thing and more advancements would only be a benefit to our society and children.

  • They do not.

    Modern schools do not depend too much on technology. All of this new technology will only assist in improving kids education, making it faster to learn and to teach. Schools who are not using this new technology are actually hindering kids and their ability to learn in a much more effective manner.

  • No, technology is important for schools and beyond them

    Schools need to incorporate a fair amount of cutting edge technology into their programs, if kids go into the post high school part of their lives without knowledge of how to use the devices companies use in their work, they aren't going to be hired. It is important for schools to utilize technology and make sure their students are familiar with how it is used professionally.

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