• Yes, more people need to donate to the ebola cause.

    No other event in recent memory has been more frightening in terms of global health than the outbreak of ebola in West Africa. As "small" as the globalized world has become, with regular air travel between even some of the most remote corners of the world, the potential for the quick spread of contagious disease is more problematic than ever. Yet the countries where this outbreak has occurred are some of the most ill-equipped in the world to deal with such a problem, and Western nations have yet to commit serious resources to helping combat the problem. Consequently, we need more contributions from private donors to help stem this potentially deadly global crisis.

  • Ebola cause donations

    I think the more people should donate to the Ebola cause that is out breaking in some countries. The countries that surround the outbreak should be the ones who are most donating money because they are the ones that will be having an outbreak if it spreads to surrounding countries.

  • Governments should be paying to support the cause.

    I do not believe it is up to the general public to donate their own money to the ebola cause. This is a matter of national security for every country in the world, and as such, the money should be coming from the governments of these countries, to protect the health of their citizens, and the interests of their Homelands.

  • More People Need To Follow Common Sense

    We don't need to donate to the cause. If someone needs to donate, it should be pharma. They've ripped the American public off in the most extreme way. They should be the "good doers" in this scenario. Beyond that, we need people to use common sense when it comes to passing around diseases.

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