• There are a handful of people that utilize them the way they are intended.

    The majority of our society are people that only use smart devices for entertainment. They would rather socialize on social media, play games, take pictures, and waste days away inside rather than actually learn things through osmosis of knowledge from a mentor. Look at our obesity rates, part of it is the food we eat but a majority of it is the lifestyles we live; more technology based and less hands on mechanical tasks which in turn ruins us.

  • Yes, people are getting stupid

    Duh, there are more stupid people today than there was back then. All the stupid people I've come across are on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Phones have apps that do stuff for you. Calculators for example. Information is available to the touch, so people don't have to put in actual effort to find what they're looking for.People cannot be bothered to memorize phone numbers anymore, the phones do it for them. And Gps's will tell people where to turn and such instead of people actually learning how to read maps.

  • Yes our smart devices make some people lazy and stupid.

    Yes, I think our smart devices make people lazy and stupid. Not all people but most. Now days kids do not have to look anything up in a dictionary, they just hop on the internet and look it up. And parents (a lot but not all) think they do not have to teach their children anything anymore as they just let the kids play on the ipad and watch tv to teach them things.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe our smart devices make us lazy and stupid. I use my smart phone quite often and many times I end up gaining knowledge. I've found Reddit and Google to be great sources for news. I Google things I come across in life to find out more about them. If anything, the smart device I have, has actually made me smarter.

  • No, smart devices do not make us lazy and stupid.

    Smart devices only enables a person to meet their desires more efficiently. If a person needs to check an email, make a phone call, or play a game then they are able to do so much quicker than before smart phones. The idea of it making people lazy only comes from the ability of a person to spend more time doing what they already intended to do. Smart phones may help people be lazy by speeding up everyday tasks, but they do not make them lazy.

  • They make us faster.

    No, our smart devices do not make us lazy and stupid, they just make things more convenient for us. If I need a flashlight, I can use my phone. If I need directions, I can use my phone. Today, we have information available to us, we have to be able to use our knowledge.

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