• Whether they do or not is an individual propostion

    People always possess the ability, but not always the will. Sadly, I think most people change, but usually, due to pride, it is for the worse. Humility always induces positive change as a person is more apt to view themselves in a more realistic fashion in proportion to others, whereas pride normally produces a selfish overestimation of self.

  • I've been changed before.

    Depending on the person and the age length that hasn't been specified. Yes, you can change I myself have changed many times and I have seen my friends become different people from the time when I met them years and years ago (about 8 years), and I have changed in my moral state and my understanding of others. What I have said above was true it all depends on the person and the circumstance, for example a man would change his view of the world after war. The only thing that confuses me is that, weather or not you are talking about human nature and it's changes over time or if you are looking at a single person in a single life time.

  • People always change

    Change is actually good for mental well being unless and until the change is towards that individual's development and not directed towards dis respectable practices and the loss of attached people or things. People must change as sticking on to the same thing can be monotonous and eventually be boring.

  • Yes..People do change!

    Its pretty obvious that people change- mentally ,physically and spiritually as well! They learn from past mistakes,experience something new and in order to succeed in life, change themselves. They want to lead a life where they are happy and try to avoid problems as far as possible. People fall,people rise and they change..So that they may not fall any further in future!

  • People definitely change.

    People change all the time. Weather we like it or not, people will always change. If we never changed, we would still be in our innocent children minds. Even though sometimes the change might not be physical, or mental, people definitely change. People get smarter, people gain weight, they get taller, we change everyday. Even if we notice or not, we do.

  • People dont change !

    I am in favor of the opinion that people generally do not change obviously I agree that they may evolve or may develop their knowledges . However I believe that every individual has its own character . Maybe they don't show it 2 or 3 years but at the end they start to show their real faces.

  • Born This Way

    No one can ever change emotionally or mentally and those who say they do or have are liars because the human psyche is born, created, or whatever your beliefs imply, the way it always will be. To change your psyche is to change your being such and being Caucasian and saying you're Chinese. Those who do have changes in behavior and emotion are doing it on purpose and not instinct as the psyche does. This is more of a mask or ingredient they are trying to integrate into their psyche but I'm here to say it's just not possible for anyone to change in the ways I have described.

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