• They're only hurting themselves

    As a Christian, I find the act of suicide to be abhorrent. It is a cowardly, permanent solution to a temporary issue that most likely could be resolved over time. It leaves families heartbroken and, often times, relationships between family members are torn beyond repair as they argue over who could have stopped this, who wasn't paying enough attention, who's fault it it, etc. However, ones life is ones own property. If someone decides that they do not want it anymore, who are we to say that they shouldn't give it up? Especially if the reason for that suicide is to end physical suffering due to disease.

  • Right to live, right to die

    If a person has the right to live then surely a person must also have the right to die, right? If someone has lost all hope and motivation to continue on living and wishes to end his/her life, is other people in any position to tell or even force the person to choose otherwise? Are they going to give the person purpose? How?

  • Yes they do

    Life can be incomprehensibly painful and if a man decides he can not bear it anymore he should have the option of a painless dignified death. Noone can truly understands another person's suffering and should judge if a man should have to live or not. The process of dying can be brutal and slow in a lot of cases and people shouldn't have to endure such torture.

  • Yes, for some cases

    I'd say no for certain cases, such as those concerning depressed teenagers who wants to commit suicide. For curable diseases, assisted suicide should not be allowed. If everyone could just kill themselves whenever they want (the short way out), crime rates will definitely go up.
    By approving of euthanasia and the right to die, people might just stop finding cures, as the motivation isn't there anymore, why will people pay so much for a patented cure when they could just undergo assisted suicide.
    However, persons with incurable diseases that renders them incapable of living a fulfilling life, eg. Dementia, should be allowed the right to die. I can find no possible reason to refuse them this right, especially if they are in pain. Forcing them to be kept alive against their own will should be ruled as torture.

  • The right to live logically implies the right to die

    If you have the right to own a computer that means that you have the right to destroy it if you so desire. If you have the right to voluntarily live, then that life is truly yours only insofar you also have the corollary right to voluntarily give it up. If you would only have the right to live but not die, then by definition that would not be a true right since a true right must also always ha to contain a voluntary choice. If there is only one option, then there is no room for any choices. In the latter case your "right to life" would in fact only mean that you have a right for your life not being justifiably taken away by others: it would only be a limitation put on others and not a freedom given to you. If we assume however that one is absolutely entitled to the ownership of her or his body and by extension, thoughts, mind and self, then having a right to choose their elimination must be an expression of a true liberty, a true right to live. Otherwise who would claim the right to decide what should happen with your body and life? Would that power not truly own you then instead of yourself?
    My conclusion is, that if you are denied the right to dispose of yourself a you see fit, you are nothing more than a slave whose only right is to continue to serve its masters, but not to flee.

  • Not an act of god.

    This is not a discussion of religion. Even if it were, in America we have the right to our own religion. It's the decision of the person when it comes down to it, if it goes against your religion I'm sorry that youre offended. That does not give you the right to try and force your beliefs on anyone else. If you want a religious answer because you will not accept any other, God put us on this earth with agency. Even if God does not approve he will not step in. If it were Gods choice then he would step in and there would be no way you would be able to take your own life.

  • Yes they do but not when...

    Not if one is married and has children who need to be taken care of. One should retain the right to die after marriage (but without children) if he/she specifies so in the marriage contract. Also not if he/she has to repay a loan, not during the time-period when his/her employer depends on him/her to get some crucial work done (especially without notifying that the responsibility be transferred to someone else with sufficient time margin).One is not responsible to his/her parents just because they assumed that their children will take care of them. However out of love for parents and as gratitude one may choose to live for them

  • Your Life is your Choice

    I have seen someone close to me have internal cancer. It was horrible to see him suffer and see him so thin and brittle and in so much pain and no known drug could take away all that suffering. I believe if that law was passed many people would be able take that pain away and not have to suffer like people that have cancer and other deadly diseases.

  • Free choice is a right

    We never had a say in coming to life and many feel estranged on this planet. People should have the right to choose to live or die. Life should not be imposed or forced. It is harmlessness to enforce life on some people, to them and to their communities and even loved ones. Some suffer from continuous unhappiness and we pump them with drugs to continue to live while their main solution could be to exit. Some feel they are not meant to be here. Death as a choice should be available, painless and with dignity. While we euthanize our pets we deny human the same privilege in case of pain, psychological or physical or simple the need to end life.

  • Can't F*** with free will!

    It is often the case that people against suicide, for instance, will try to interfere with someone's free will by incorporating arguments associated with either religion or grief. Those arguments are still products of free will. It's your choice to be in favor of life, as much as it is someone's choice to be in favor of death. As the saying goes, "nobody can make me do something against my own will!"
    Don't F*** with my free will!

  • God gave us life.

    People should not have the right to die, because God put us on this Earth to live, and be happy, not to die, simply because we are unhappy. I've been unhappy many times in my life, but I am still here. We are going to have bad times in our lives, no matter what. We will not have perfect lives. It says so in the Bible. And even if you are thinking about taking your life, will you really be in a better place? Think, before you react.

  • You were a creation of God.

    How would you feel if you made something with so much love and care and someone just takes it and throws it away ? Not good. You would feel disappointed and upset because you put a lot of effort into it. Same thing applies with God, he created you, he loves you and no matter what problem you are in he help you get through it. God never gives anyone more problems than they can bare. It's like a test which we need to get through. You can't have a rainbow without a little rain right? After pain comes ease and you'll be blessed from above. Never lose faith and always have hope. Live your life because someone wishes they had it, we all will die when our time comes but right now if you are thinking about it then please don't. Take care.

  • If you can't decide your own birthday, you shouldn't decide your death day.

    In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Allah only gives humans as much pain as they can handle. It says in the Quran, in Surah Nashrah, that after every hardship, there is ease. So people wishing to end their lives should have patience, and utilize this hardship as an opportunity to get closer with Allah. Verily, Allah decides ones birthday, and so it only makes sense that Allah will decide ones death day.

  • No, life is too sacred.

    Our docility and civility are held together by our laws, which prevents the killing of anybody (Except in war). We cannot allow people the right to die, because it is the first step to being uncivilized. Death is wrong, and when is it a good thing that we slaughter one another of our own society? I can not think of a time when we do, and we cannot allow there to be a time where it is.

  • No one has the right to say that time is up but God.

    If this does become legal who is going to be the judge on who qualifies for this...? and if you are saying that it will be up to the physician who will the physicians be? The doctor that can pay? The doctor that can prove he can make the government money from this. I know that a lot of people that are leaning toward "yes, it is oak" but euthanasia is morally wrong. When someone who finds out that they have cancer or a disease that looks to be hopeless at some point in everyone life that is suffering like that they say I wish this was over I just want to die but the next day they pray that they can have just one more day with there family...with euthanasia they will never have the opportunity to make it to the next day and because of one days or weeks decision out a state of depression this person will not just end there pain here but it will start an eternity of pain. You are not helping them you are sending them to a place where they will never be able to relieve the pain because it does not make a difference how you look at it is suicide,it is a sin,and after euthanasia the pain has just begun.

  • Will of God

    A person didn't choose to be born, so they don't have a right to end their life. If they suffer, they should seek God, and he will deliver them from their agony, but taking a life, is a straight way ticket to hell, no solution to any dilemma necessary.

  • What about family

    In terms of sucicide, this would actually create far more trauma for the family, knowing that they could have helped the person to deal with whatever caused them to commit suicide. Also there are other alternatives to taking a life, which can help you to deal, like opening up your feelings and there are also helplines.

  • Life is a gift from God.

    God has granted us life! He gives us life to glorify Him and His creation! Why should we take away what our heavenly Father has given to us? Life is a precious and holy gift from God which only God has the right to give or take away. We are stewards of the life God has given us.

  • NO

    God gave us free will, we chose to forsake Him, thus we now have desires to die when life gets hard. People need to stop pitying themselves and start turning back to God maybe than the pains and lies of this wold wouldn't push us to want to die. Yes people get really sick but God created people so He can heal them only if they would trust in Him!

  • No, Life if a great thing

    I believe that no one has the right to die, in theory everyone was given a life to live, why should one be able to take that away from another? Killing is not allowd in the USA, so why would it be okay for doctors or for groups to go around and kill other people withouth anything happening to them? Our laws are our laws, arent they?

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Noswad63 says2013-04-10T02:06:47.863
People need to stop bringing religion into this, some people don't believe in that so those rules that "God Gave Us Life" and such don't count to them.
Quan says2013-06-18T15:41:31.790
People have the obligation to die. May as well let them decide how and when it happens.
fingreagh says2013-06-20T22:31:17.457
I believe that a healthy person has the right to die if he so chooses. It's no on else's business. If one were conscripted into an army. Have you the right to shoot yourself, rather than others? I believe you have, What happens after you die? Nothing. Your dead. And some people are inconvenienced. Tough . Where were they when you were alive? To be so upset now?
Anonymous says2013-06-22T18:22:53.370
Let's face it, we are all going to die sooner or later. If I don't like the party, I believe I should be able to leave. For some people it is a joy to be living, but for some others like myself it's nothing but a continuous torture. Is this so difficult to comprehend? ... If I decide to leave, should I seek dramatic painful methods, or be given the assistance to do it peacefully? At least I'll be leaving an empty space on earth for someone who enjoys being here. (by the way, I'm a highly educated person who has always been doing what is required from a regular person to do)
Anonymous says2013-09-15T16:43:43.180
I tend to take those who use god as an explaination less seriously. Prove god's existence first, then state what god says. I can think of more reasons why euthanasia shouldn't be allowed (people won't want to find cures anymore, destroys sanctity of life so there would be more crimes) although im pro-euthanasia. The fact that you could only state Christianity as a reason as to why euthanasia should be banned illuminates your shallow knowledge of it; you are blindly following whatever the bible says. A mere sheep. You drown yourself blissfully in ignorance.