• Just in Case

    With the rise of mass shootings and terrorism, people need to be prepared for the unexpected. During the North Hollywood shootout, many died because they did not have higher firepower to deal with and armored man with an AK style rifle. Police need minutes to respond, but if you are prepared, you can save your family, and even some officers from harm.

  • Assault weapons BOSTON

    Ask the million people in Boston waiting for the bomber to come in their house wearing a bomb around his body like his brother did Friday morning. They would want to have a military grade weapon with extra large capacity magazines. The average person would need all the capacity they can get when scared and trying to stop the charging bomber. The news interviewed a person who lived across from the black MVP the boomers were hiding behind during the shoot out. With the proper assault weapon, high capacity mag, and sight he could have stopped them in a cross fire before the bombers knew what hit them. Maybe the second policeman wouldn't have been shot.

  • So Everyone in the US believes there is a great harm in owning this gun?

    If you do not like assault weapons read this.

    The 2nd amendment gives ME the right to own these weapons. All I have to do is have the proper licence. This would be a tie 3 licence for using a rapid fire, automated weapon. In the time when you would need this would be: armed robbers coming into your house and try to : loot or kill, there is also the chance of a mass of looter coming to your store for example, what would you do. I would use the gun that is best suited for the job: An assault, rapid fire weapon. One man can hold of 20 men with ONE assault weapon. In Texas a 15 year old boy and his sister were at home when two armed robbers came into the house and the boy grabbed his fathers assault weapon and killed one robber and the other fled while the boy did not even have a scratch. Also in La hundred of looters came and tried to break into o the stores on the street. But a handful of men on a roof top held of dozens of truck loads of men trying to get across a small parking lot with only shotguns and ASSUALT weapons. Only Two where wounded.

    If teachers where armed at the school shootings there would have been almost no violence. Well if some one argued well the Colorado theater shooting was done with legal weapons how can that not happen again? I would say the security guards should be armed with a small medium powered pistol.

    Written by a 12 year old

  • I definitely think that people need assault weapons.

    I definitely think that people need assault weapons. How is a drug dealer supposed to defend
    himself if he is not allowed to have an assault weapon? How are soldiers supposed to win wars if they
    don’t have guns that can shoot hundreds of bullets a minute? Assault weapons are good.

  • Semi Auto weapons are not assault weapons...

    An assault rifle is one that has the ability to select fully automatic fire, via a selector switch, and shoot multiple rounds-(in bursts), with one pull of the trigger. The AR Semi-Auto Rifle is not this type of firearm as it can only shoot one shot at a time! No semi auto weapon is an assault weapon! Machine guns are assault weapons and are highly regulated and very limited in number within the U.S. Strict Federal regulations have been in place since the 1930’s regarding these very distinctive assault weapons. Banning semi auto arms is a clear infringement of a person’s God Given Rights. People need to stop entering the debate about firearms that have no knowledge at all about the terminology used in defining classes of weapons, or, that have absolutely no understanding of the functions of any weapons. Also, it's time Americans awake to the fact that senseless murders would not happen to the extent that they do, as in Newtown, if more people exercised their 2nd Amendment Rights. Why is there a fear of allowing school principles, staff and teachers to be armed? If we, as people of courage, stand up against evil and/or crazy people, these events can be far less severe. Willing teachers who want to be armed and trained should be allowed in every school and their presence should be encouraged, not feared! Why don’t we ever hear of this option as a way of stopping people who want to kill in a school? Every American who loves freedom should stand against those who are trying to blame our right to possess firearms as the cause of the tragedy in Newtown. Let's not permit anyone to get away with using false statements about firearms to scare the public who may not know one type of firearm from another and thereby divide Americans in the process. This misinformation needs to be confronted with fact and logic, not emotion that is being used to manipulate the public into becoming utter weaklings.

  • The Second Amendment protects against tyranny.

    First of all, what is an assault weapon? The term is murky and undefinable. Second of all and most importantly is that people have the right to defend themselves even against their own government. The founders of our country where adamant that it is the right of the people to throw off tyranny even if it were to be the very government that the founders had set up. In countries where people have given up their rights to own a gun, those countries have seen higher violent crime and in a majority of cases those countries have seen mass murder committed by their own government.

  • Do people need "assault rifles?"

    Ponder this: during the riots in L.A., the police were ordered to withdraw and retreat. Fires raged out of control, 50 people were killed and 4000 injured. There were 1100 buildings destroyed. About 3000 fires occurred with over $1 billion in damage. Watts, California and Newark, N.J., Were like war zones when they were struck by riots. Remember Katrina and the aftermath? The Supreme Court decided the police have absolutely no obligation to protect any of you as an individual, only society as a whole. You could call them and call them (if the grid isn't knocked out). They don't have to respond. You're on your own. I saw a bumper sticker more than once. It's old, but it's true. "God made man, Col. Colt made them equal."

  • My liberal teacher

    Today in school my teacher said we need to put laws on guns. I told her to stop trying to put her liberal agenda on us school shooters will not stop just because we ban assault rifles but we really needed to put retired cops and veterans in school with guns than your problem is solved the constitutional way.

  • Protection from Government Tyranny!!!!!!!

    There are two main reasons and many ancillary ones why a ban on high-capacity, semi-automatic weapons is uncalled for, unnecessary and also unwise. First, we must consider the historical perspective of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The
    Second Amendment was added to the Constitution as an assurance that Americans will never lack the weaponry to fight against their own government, if that government becomes tyrannical. Remember, in the late 1780s the newly formed United States of America had just fought a bloody war against England and King George III’s tyrannical government. In order to gain support for the formation of a central government, the individual states required that the language of the Second Amendment be included in the Constitution, or they would not ratify the Constitution.

    The second reason Americans need high capacity semi- automatic firearms has a more practical, immediate application in our modern society. Citizens must not be stripped of the ability to effectively counter criminal violence.

  • What happens when you are under attack from your own government

    A lot of people believe that the government will always be just but what happens when one do our president decides he wants to be a dictator and orders troops to attack on our soil how are we supposed to defend our self's against military assault rifles with only our hunting rifles

  • Absolutely not

    Even the gun nuts rabidly defending them won't say that they're needed, they merely want them. People don't need guns that can fire off a metric ton of rounds quickly, they simply don't. It's a luxury, one that needs to be critically assessed for a determination if it's one that we should still have or have lost our right to.

  • Assault Weapons Are Not Needed

    I do not think that people need assault weapons. They cause more harm than good and are far from a necessity. There are other resources and ways for people to hunt or defend themselves without assault weapons. Guns are a luxury item and really aren't needed for people to survive.

  • Semi Automatics ARE classified as an assault weapon and UNNECESSARY to the average civilian

    Congressional Research Service clearly states:
    "Generally speaking, an “assault weapon” is considered to be a military style weapon capable of providing by a selector switch either semiautomatic—that is, the firearm discharges one round, then loads a new round, each time the trigger is pulled until the magazine is exhausted—or a fully automatic firearm—that is, continuous discharge of rounds while the trigger is depressed until all
    rounds are discharged."

    Why should such lethal weapons be put in the hands of your everyday civilian? If these features are "cosmetic" as they say, military personnel shouldn't be using them just to look fancy. It is used to kill multiple people very quickly. How much deadly action should be taken against a home invader that you must fire multiple shots? It shouldn't take any more than a handful of bullets to kill a person. Not including 50 cent.

  • People Do NOT Need Assault Weapons

    If nobody had assault weapons, then no one would be able to cause harm. Since they are available, people have crazy minds that will make them to crazy things with that assault weapon and cause unnecessary danger. If no one has assault weapons then everyone can be safer and happier.

  • No one deserves the ability to kill someone.

    If you think banning guns wouldn't slow down murder then you are an idiot, it is much harder to kill someone with a knife than with a gun. The crazy guy who killed those innocent children in Connecticut got the gun from his mother. Isn't it ironic that the guns she bought for protection killed her?

  • No one NEEDS an ASSAULT weapon.

    If you think that you NEED an assault weapon, you probably shouldn't have one. The only thing you can do with an assault weapon is KILL. If you go out into an field and shoot cardboard targets with a military grade killing machine, you either need a hobby or mental help.

  • No, but...

    There's no need for the average citizen to own an assault rifle or carbine. That being said, they really aren't the problem. The use of an AR-15 in the Sandy Hook shooting has caused us all to vastly overestimate the damage to society done by that type of weapon, when the preponderance of deaths, accidental and otherwise, is caused by handguns.

  • There is no need for assault weapons.

    In this day and age, nobody needs to be carrying assault weapons. We do not need to kill impeding bears and there is no gang intruding in our homes that we need to keep away from. Guns are usually used as hobbies and by policemen and handling guns leads to using guns.

  • MORE GUNS is not the answer

    Foolish people say teachers should have guns, too. This is folly. How do you know the armed teacher will respond and correctly? What are the chances for "friendly fire" and accidental discharges?? Beyond school security measures, which will stop 99% of entries, we need to BAN assault rifles and other weapons that are only used to kill people..

  • In any scenario you can think of, a citizen having an assault weapon versus a handgun would not make the situation better, only worse. .

    If the stated reason for having an assault weapon is to protect your family, a handgun will do the job. ONLY military and law enforcement have any valid excuse for having one of these weapons. As far as hunters, get over it! When looking at the danger and devastation posed by the availability of these high powered assault weapons, can't you just use your regular guns if you must hunt?

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