• Yes, you need to know whether a baby giraffe is asleep or in trouble.

    When a baby giraffe settles down to sleep, it twists its neck around so it can rest its head on its body. If you didn't know this, you might think the poor little animal had suffered an accident or was unwell. This could lead you to worry unnecessarily while visiting the zoo or out on safari.

  • Everything we learn helps

    There have been a number of medical breakthroughs that have come as a result of learning from animals. Even if sleep studies on giraffes don't help humans, it could help save the species. Giraffes are disappearing, and the more we learn about them, the better chance we have of saving them.

  • We are paying money to study this?

    Seriously, why would this matter to people to know how a Giraffe sleeps. The only ones who should care are Vets, zoo staff and well other Giraffes. As for the rest of us why is it important for us to find out about this or for their to even be money wasted to study this.

  • Not unless they are raising giraffes.

    No, one does not need to know about the sleeping habits of giraffes unless that person is raising giraffes or writing a term paper on giraffes. I don’t know of anyone who would need to write a term paper on a giraffe other than maybe a vet major. Otherwise the information is not necessary at all.

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