Do people need to know about the Time Lil Wayne spent in Rikers island?

  • Yes, people need to know about the time Lil Wayne spent in Rikers Island.

    Yes, it is important for people to know about Lil Wayne's time that he spent in prison. There are young people who look up to musicians and it is important for these young people to understand the consequences when a bad choice is made. I believe that everyone, not just famous people, have a responsibility to set a good example for young adults and teens. Lil Wayne has a responsibility as a celebrity to educate the youth who look up to him. His actions had consequences and youth need to see and understand that the choices he made, as well as the choices they make, carry consequences.

  • People should know about this prison time

    People should know about this prison time. This is because people should be aware of what kind of character celebrities they emulate really have. Although this person has done his time, his personality has probably not changed much. Rappers tend to glorify a criminal lifestyle, and the truth about their pasts should be known.

  • People need to know of Lil Wayne's jail time

    People need to know about Lil Wayne's experience in Rikers Island. It serves as a cautionary tale for others, particularly youngsters. This also sends the message that no one is above the law, even if you are rich and famous. There is also a positive element that someone can rebound from a mistake and redeem himself.

  • It's not very relevant

    It's not very relevant, because it is in his past. Plenty of men make mistakes and do their time. As long as he's learned lessons from his punishment and doesn't encourage others to commit crimes, then I think no one really needs to know about it. Of course, that kind of thing is hard to hide.

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