Do people need to know what Taylor Swift did when she was 11-years-old?

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  • No, people do not need to know what Taylor Swift did as an adolescent.

    Although some people keep up with the activities of celebrities, musicians and socialites, the majorty of people in the United States and abroad do not and have no reason to care about the activities of such people. A prime example of this is Taylor Swift; her activities should not affect the average person to any degree, especially when she was 11 years old.

  • People are curious about the lives of celebrities including young stars

    Swift's childhood life is personal and should be kept private. In fact, there are child protection laws for this very subject -- even if it's newsworthy. Therefore, the topic is not debatable. However, if Taylor Swift wishes to have her autobiography published, and include photos and bits about her childhood life, so be it. There are also social media outlets for sharing childhood information. This includes an official fan site. In no way should Swift be obliged to divulge parts of her childhood. If she mentions something about her childhood in one of her songs, her publicist may make a statement about it in a press release to satisfy curious fans. Naturally, people will wonder about the young life of Swift, given that she rose to fame in her teens. However, what Swift did when she was 11 is no one's business.

  • No, people do not.

    Some people may find it interesting or cute to know that she was performing when she was 11 years old, but no one needs to know. It is a unique part of her past that can provide some insight into who she is today, but it is not something everyone needs to know.

  • There are more important things to worry about than Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift has made headlines recently for her high-profile relationship with actor Thomas Hiddleston. These headlines have encouraged people to dig up every tiny fact about her life, including the antics that she got up to as a youngster. This isn't important news: we should be focusing on current events and political and economic struggles instead of the lives of celebrities.

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