Do people today spend too much time on their cell phones?

  • 20 year old with flip phone!

    I'm a 20 year old female and I could care less about smart phones. My flip phone works great! I even felt the need to deactivate my Facebook. It's been about three weeks and I don't even miss it!! My friends can email me or call me, because to be honest, texting can be rude! I go to the store and every teen, young adults AND their parents are texting. Running into someone because they are staring at their phone is ridiculous. At least when calling someone people look where they are going! I don't want to stand around and text my friends anymore! Am I just the little 5% of 20 year olds who don't give a damn about technology? :) I also feel that technology is ruining relationships and friendships...But that's just me--anyone agree?

  • Slave to Society

    You go to a restaurant, everyone's sitting around the table with their heads into their phones. You go to a coffee shop, same thing. At a wedding, same thing, at a funeral, same thing. You name it, and it's there. Waiting for the bus or being alone on the bus, fine. No big deal. But being around your friends/family and constantly CONSTANTLY on your phone? Ridiculous. Why do they go out? Facebook has taken over people's lives. What happened to sitting together and having an ACTUAL DISCUSSION with EACH OTHER? Not watching pointless stupid videos that your friends posted on Facebook or IG. What happened to actually communicating with each other in person? Sometimes you're talking to a person and they aren't even listening. Remember the days we only had flip phones? That was awesome. It got so bad to the point where the law feels the need to give tickets to drivers who are scrolling/texting because it happens way too much. Bored while you're driving? Really? How about concentrating on the road?! Ridiculous! It's one thing to be glued to it when you're by yourself. But in public while hanging out with others? Dude...Stay home the next time!

  • Yes...To the point of nausea

    When cell phones became available to the general population, I thought it was a great thing to have for emergencies and being on the go anywhere and still be able to talk to someone without the hassle of finding a pay-phone. Those days are long gone... The addition of the internet and texting has deadlocked people's attention. I can't go anywhere without seeing someone scrolling. People's addiction to it, is downright pathetic. People driving with one hand, because the phone is in the other, people walking with their phone in their hand. It's NO DIFFERENT than a baby with a security blanket. People can't go anywhere anymore and BE at the place their at without being 5 other places. What's the point of going out in the first place? The world is being consumed by cell-phone zombies who'd rather spend hours sending millions of useless information texts. Is this fun? Or people just too lazy to pursue a constructive hobby, or creating something that takes some self-reliance, discipline, and imagination? Not to mention losing out on valuable human interaction through CONVERSATION and taking an interest in other people. Cell phones breed individualism, narcissism and poor time management. I wish they were never invented.

  • Reduction of Social Interaction

    I agree with the reduction of social interaction theories presented by many, not only is it causing us to spend a lot of time out of social context but it's surrounding us in media which is already proved as harmful to society, such as women and the beauty ideal for one example.

  • Yes its Dangerous

    Being on the phone all the time can be unhealthy and can cause problems in your marriage or even ruin a friendship there is nothing that important holding long conversation, I have to do it once a week for work and I'm finding after being on the phone for hours I don't want to talk to anyone,growing up I wasn't allowed to be on the phone and know that I'm an Adult I understand why , it can be deadly talking to much so people should spend more time reading books like the bible and ways to improve and only talk when its absolutely necessary

  • They change our attitudes, personality and habits.

    I notice a growing trend of people constantly using their mobiles or smartphones, especially when people are taking public transport. I feel that it is decreasing our social skills in certain areas such as eye contact with other people (hence why a lot of people might use it on buses or trains to avoid that).

    I also asked some people, 'Why do you constantly check or use your mobile?' Some of the responses ranged from: 'I use it in the toilet because I feel bored' or 'Because it takes too long to wait for a bus so I'll get bored'. Some of those responses were then followed by strange looks and tones of behavior as if it I was abnormal not to do that. I also notice that in relation to those responses that maybe individuals who constantly spend too much time on their phones become more impatient or perhaps bored quickly without it as they are constantly stimulated by activities on it.

  • It's become quite scary

    Many people can't go anywhere without their phones. If they leave their phone somewhere they feel like a part of their body has been amputated. They can't even go to the toilet without it.

    The screens actually prevent people from producing melatonin which makes it harder to sleep, so we end up with a whole society of sleep deprived people. Being sleep deprived does similar things to your brain as being drunk, and these people are driving cars.

    Kids are not learning to entertain themselves, its a constant reliance on technology.

  • Phones Take Over!!!!

    I believe that people do spend a huge amount of there time on their mobile phones and I know this as I'm an 11 year old schoolgirl who has witnessed many of her friends being more concerned about phones more than their schoolwork. I know for a fact that lots of youngsters spend their valuable time on their phones and this is one of the reasons of why they are failing their exams because they do not care about revising they are more concerned about texting their friends and finding out the latest gossip!Do you want your children to fail their examinations due to this?Well in my opinion I presume that we should all put a end to this! Thank you for taking out your valuable time to read my argument grateful.

  • Thats all they do is text are talk.

    We need to learn to talk to people agine, and not talk to people who are right next to you. There is such a think as over use. Americans are useing technogly to much. When you can talk to someone face to face in reallife they are texting echouther 100% of there time And this is why im right.

  • Yes they Spend a lot

    Due to the increasing technology and science development , new mobile phones such with IOS and android and others have better processors enabling to do multitasking . As new apps release , whatsapp , twitter , FAcebook , instagram , skype etc..... People start to be on the mobiles to connect to the local world. I am stating local , to discuss small topics with their family members and nearby stating friends instead of going to the park and chatting they spend most of their times on mobiles to do messaging . I think this is not good . And thus Yes , spend a of time on mobiles these days.

  • Nuh uh hun

    We need our phones! How else are we going to check up on our friends lives on insta or see the new celebrity trends on snap? I remember I lost my phone about a month ago, and it was terrible! I need my phone to live basically, and the older people saying we're on them to much is riduculous because they dont understand!

  • Today's isn't too much, and we can't have it compared to the old days

    It's just like saying that long ago we have our ways talking to people living with quite the distant to us by flying pigeons and such, and by the late decades to come you make letters actually sent by people; that we used to travel by feet and now we have these vehicles, usually engine supported ones; that we used to make things by hand, and now we use robots and build factories of programmed machinery.

    People in general come to have more uses in their cell phones, be it work, entertainment, or education. With the amount of necessity needed in cell phones, we need an abundant amount of time to fill the need, especially if they have no other alternative else than the cell phone.

  • This is the evolution of our society

    Why am I always on my phone? Because the people around me aren't as interesting as the device in my hand. I have omniscience at my fingertips, nothing some out of touch dullard could possibly compare too. If you are resisting the temptation of vast unlimited knowledge and entertainment than you are in denial. I can have just as meaningful relationships with people over the internet. Physical interaction is overrated.

  • No they dont

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