Do police officers receive enough information from their dispatch to handle an incident?

  • Police officers receive enough information from their dispatch to handle an incident

    Police officers receive plenty of information from their dispatch to handle an incident. Dispatch regularly talks with the responding officers and fully details everything that they know about a situation. This is the best way to ensure a responding officer's safety. Dispatchers are limited by the information given to them.

  • No, they are getting thirdhand information.

    A person who may or may not be involved in a problem calls 911. Then, the police officers get their information from the dispatcher. There is a good chance that vital information can be lost or misconstrued during this process. Technology makes far more information accessible and should be used to give a quicker and fuller picture.

  • They could always use more

    There will never be such a thing as too much information in these cases, whereas, on the other hand, not knowing any little thing could be a significant lack of information. They need to be as prepared as possible, to ensure their safety and the safety of others. That being said, a lot of information just isn't always available, if it ever is, so there isn't really much of a choice.

  • Police officers arrive on scene basically blind

    Police officers are not adequately informed when dispatched in order to deal with a situation. They are often only told the type of situation they are dealing with, for example "domestic situation". They do not know the mental status, physical status, or who will be in the nearby surrounding area. Without this information it can be extremely difficult to perform their job adequately.

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