• Pro sport players are paid too much

    All the pro players are paid millions of dollars for what? For just entertaining someone, the T.V. could do that but you don't see it have millions of dollars. And the money they do get could be used to save children without food or water. The money that athletes get is for entertaining someone well what about the people who save lives like firemen, police, or doctors. Think about how hard they work to save your life.

  • Professional athletes make way too much money.

    I have no idea why professional athletes make as much money as they do. The only skill that they are being paid for is to play a sport. They do nothing to help society or improve people's lives. They only entertain people who enjoy watching their sports. Yes, many of them donate to charitable causes, which is wonderful. But to be paid as much as they are is ridiculous in my opinion. Doctors, police officers, military officers, teachers, and other professions that actually contribute to society should make more than professional athletes, as their jobs directly influence the world in which we live.

  • Yes, athlete salaries are responsible for high ticket prices.

    Yes, professional athletes make too much money, because the inflated salaries create a ticket-pricing structure that prevents many individuals from attending the games. Many families cannot afford the cost of a single game, because they must purchase multiple tickets. Athlete salaries have turned professional sports, something once enjoyed by the common man, into something that only well-off individuals may enjoy.

  • Professional athletes make too much money.

    The desire to make millions of dollars interferes with playing sports for the passion of sports. As athlete salaries of risen into the millions, it seems that being a professional athletes is more about living a lifestyle than playing sports. This is demonstrated repeatedly in reality shows that focus on athletes and their wives living extraordinarily lavish lifestyles and seem to focus very little on their careers or on exit strategies for when they become too old to continue playing professional sports.

  • Absolutely too much.

    I understand that they give up a lot of their free time to entertain us but entertainment is not worth millions on millions of dollars they are paid for it. On another note, some of the players out on they field/court are not good enough to be out there with the rest of them.. Take JaMarcus Russell for instance, he is considered one of the biggest busts of all time. He was the number one overall pick for the NFL with a 6 year 68 million dollar contract with 31 million guaranteed. So if he were to get injured in his first game and never play football again he would just walk away with 31 million in his pocket.

  • Athletes Are Paid Too Much

    I believe when you take into consideration the amount of time and energy athletes have to put in, they are probably still over paid. I believe it would be far better for the leagues to lower wages and lower ticket prices, so more fans can enjoy the games in person.

  • Yes, they are replaceable.

    Yes, professional athletes make too much money, because they are easily replaced by other people. There are countless people working hard and training to be professional athletes. College basketball is just as entertaining as the NBA, and those players are not professional. With so many people in line to do the same job, there should be downward pressure on wages.

  • Yes they do.

    Professional athletes make too much money, I get that what they do is hard work, but so is a lot of other jobs. If people who have to do manual labor for 70+ hours a week do not get paid that high, why should someone who just kicks a ball get paid that much?

  • Fans, Television Responsible for Outrageous Salaries

    Sports fans across the world idolize their warriors, in the contemporary sense, modern professional athletes. With inflated ticket prices and massive television ratings, sports teams and athletes make tons of money. As long as the demand is there, the supply won't go away anytime soon. Just think what would happen if the NFL spent its $8 billion in annual revenue to feed the hungry and house the homeless? How much better would America be if there was less of a focus on sports and financial gain and more of a focus on overall quality of life and happiness of everyone for the common good.

  • Yes They Do

    After doing some recherch i found out athletes make 200 000 to 400 000 a year, even more!!!!!! Doctors who save your life only get about 80 000. They are th ones keeping you alive. Teachers get even less then that and they help us learn to get jobs etc. Athletes do what? Bring entertainment?

  • No, professional athletes make only the money they deserve

    Professional athletes are paid according to the value they offer. If those who manage athletic teams find them a good source of profit, they have the right to pay their professional athletes as much as they are worth. In fact, business sense is the one that dictates the managers not to pay them more than that. There is no need for artificially imposed limits on paying athletes.

  • They don't because if they are pros then they earn the money and they deserve it.

    If you where a pro athlete would you make to much money? Does Tom Brady make to much money I think not. Does Marshawn lynch make to much money? No So think about it if you where a pro football player would you make to much money? I doubt it.

  • Are you the hypocrite

    If you are arguing with this and you buy there merchandise you really need some common sense were does all the money go it goes to the team for there paychecks and there income and there plane rides etc. so athletes aren't paid to much because the money really coming from the fans.

  • They do not.

    Professional athletes do not make too much money. People who have the talent to become a pro athlete should be able to make a lot of money. People who say that pro athletes make too much money are just jealous that they do not posses the talent that it takes to become a pro.

  • Clearly they don't

    While the salaries are ridiculous in the larger scheme, they wouldn't get paid them if they weren't pulling in the money to finance them. The unique set of abilities that professional athletes possess allows them to put a product on the field of play that few can, they're paid what they are because of the interest they draw.

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