• Massachusetts schools indoctrinate their students.

    The Definition of indoctrination: To teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. In the schools my kids go to, they promote multiculturalism very, very often. When it is raised... In class or in books or video, it is always with a favorable bias. Never do they discuss potential problems or downside risks. An opinion in favor of, or against, multiculturalism is an opinion, not a fact. As such, both sides of the issue need to be presented for it to not be considered indoctrination.

  • Not much rational thought process going on

    They regurgitate what they were taught. They are not taught rational though, they are taught what to think not how to think. Public schools are also a place where the kids are told what they can and cannot wear, what shots they have to have. It would be much more beneficial if kids were allowed to be kids and not told to sit down and shut up while a teacher drones on about topics most kids do not care about all day long.

  • They absolutely do

    People naturally assume that the public school system is trying to do what's best of the children. The fact of the matter is that these institutions have nothing to do with education. They are set up by people who, like all other people, have their own personal agendas. The public school's true purpose is to put certain messages into the children's heads so they'll be more obedient of the government when they get older.
    Consider the 'grade' system. You start off in first grade, where you're placed not by academic ability, nor by willingness to learn, but by age. The reason for this is very simple. Most children already think of adults as if they're their superiors, and now they'll associate their position in the grade system with superiority. Obviously, that's nonsense. A kid in the 5th grade may very well have less overall academic ability then a kid in the 2nd grade. Moreover, education isn't something that can be ranked. The kind of education that tends to be more valuable later on in life is your specialization, not the sheer quantity of raw general knowledge.
    Next, consider the way a classroom is structured. The teacher is in charge. The students are to listen to the teacher. This is most peculiar as well. After all, the teacher is a hired employee, who is in fact working for the students. If anything, the teacher should be listening to the concerns of the students, not the other way around. The reason the classroom setting is set up in this way is clear. The students learn at an early age to respect authority figures, so later on, they obey the government.

  • See for yourself how it was formed and what it accomplishes.

    The whole modern public system is based on Prussia's military schooling system which was formed in the 1800's. When Napoleon ran through their country in 1806, they attributed their defeat to their soldiers thinking too freely and not obeying orders indefinitely. They responded by forming an "education" system that could create obedient, subservient workers whose complete life purpose was to serve their country's interests. Horace Mann, the "great education reformer" of the 19th century, traveled to Prussia in 1843 and saw this system, and decided to bring it to America. He helped introduce compulsory schooling into Massachusetts, the first time this was heard of in America. This system gained popularity and was introduced to the rest of America, and the rest is history. Just look at the ridiculousness of what happens today: students are given generic labels like "gifted" and "special ed" to control their perception of what their potential is, and they are stuck in whatever role they are given as kid. Ever wonder why they gave you all those ridiculous assignments? Its to weed out the ones who can't obey orders. The kids that make it to college aren't the smartest by a long shot; they are the ones that listen the best and have the most potential to serve their government. If they can convince you to do menial assignments just because they tell us to, they can basically put anything over anything over your head and you'll take it because you've been trained since age 6 to be dependent on meaningless rewards like grades: the biggest bunch of bullshit ever shoved down the public's throat. WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Behavior modification and Materialist assumptions

    School teachers get degrees in "education" which feature unscientific psychological theories and behavior modification. Most take dumbed down version of the subject they will be teaching. Almost all of psychology and what is pushed as "mental health" are specious. (for good treatments on this see "The Happiness Industry" by Davies, he gives a good expose on how psychology adopted scientism (a complete dismissal of metaphysical philosophy) while becoming a TOOL of Wall Street...This in turn seeped into the corporate run public education system creating happy good little worker units was the goal.

    Also please see Maisel's "Rethinking Depression" for a fine argument on how "mental disorders" are clusters of symptoms whose cause are unknown, and completely unscientific way to assess a human being and drug someone into submission as they do in the public school system to force COMPLIANCE.

    Public school is literally thought control, behavior modification, and obedience training.

  • Teachers, textbooks, and curriculum

    Public schools indoctrinate children because teachers, textbooks, and curriculum are very progressive. Teachers are not successful at hiding there (usually liberal) views. I have even heard teachers try to force their political beliefs on students by rejecting student's political beliefs openly in class debates. Also, textbooks often insult conservative politicians by making them seem unintelligent or pointing out their flaws, while they complement famous liberals. One time, I consulted my school's administration about the B.S. Bias in my school, and they told me that it was only my opinion that our school is bias because of my political beliefs, which were not the beliefs of the entire school. If that is not the most absurd thing you have ever heard, I think you must have some really interesting and disturbing things to say.

  • Prime Eexamples My Children

    My children constantly come home from school with liberal ideals that I have to I am constantly trying to undo. They say it's not from their teachers, but I know different. One such ideal is that all white males are racist and only white males are racists. This is not something that is taught in my home. I'm a person who believes in that opinions can and should be held away from the education of facts. Teachers should present facts and allow the children to form there own opinions based on those facts. Not present opinions as facts.

  • Teaching what to think not how to think, and is very liberal.

    The 21st century education system in the West is just a propaganda machine. There's no debate in schools anymore. You just have to accept one way or you will be branded outlandish names like bigot, racist, ect. In order to silence you. Teachers openly speak about their political bias which wasn't present even 10 years ago. They want our children to be dumb down drones working for the establishment and elites. Our children are not exposed to all sides. Home school in order to combat this.

  • I see it in my school

    I am a Freshman in High School. And I can see the indoctrination in my school every day, I'm also in a JROTC program. And I wear my uniform to school sometimes for recruiting and I get all kinds of looks because I look "out of place." The schools shove information down our throats and expect us to retain it and just repeat it later in life, I'm sick and tired of the Common Core standards in our schools. It causes stress among the students and only sets the students up for failure. It should be up to the students to form their own opionions & beliefs.

    The Dress Codes and all is a form of body shaming that is enforced by the school, I get that in your earlier years of education theres info you need. But especially in High School where relationships are ever prevalent and happen more often, it's disloyalty and doubt in your significant other.

    Dress Codes are what the SCHOOL deems as "tasteful," and "decent" for a student to wear. It varies and many schools are too strict with their policies, such as the "spaghetti" bra straps & all. Like if they own it, let them wear it. That just shows a strong distrust in the male students on the part of the staff & faculty. They think of all male students as Horn Dogs. If they see a girl's bra straps or shoulders they'll be aroused, I see bra straps & shoulders ALL the time. And I've never been aroused by it, it's just their clothing.

  • I have three kids. Yes, middle school science teacher talks politics constantly and bashes republicans. Teachers show support with pictures political candidates on walls.

    If you cannot afford private and don't want to homeschool, make sure to talk to your kids every day about what they are learning. Have conversations about things and show them the other side of argument. Back it with data. That is what we do and we now have a very smart child who knows when someone is trying to indoctrinate her.

  • There is a difference between Indoctrination and Socialization

    So to quote from my college textbook, one of the function of education is socialization: "The general process of social learning whereby the child learns the many things necessary to become a well-functioning and acceptable member of a particular social environment” (Ryan and Cooper - Those Who Can, Teach, edition 13). Yes, some indoctrination does occur but it is all subjective. Some form of socialization is UNAVOIDABLE. Plus this website DID NOT define indoctrination. If we are to have a productive debate on the topic, that would be nice.

    Basically, what I am saying is that some model of common courtesy and professionalism is absolutely necessary for job interviews and building professional relationships. School can be an appropriate facilitator for such purposes.

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