• Rats fucking need to be killed.

    Haven't people heard of the plague? If you haven't go read up on it. THE PLAGUE. The epidemic that killed more people than world war 1 and world war 2 COMBINED. If another disease like that pops up because of these creatures. I hope their human defendants die first and know what it feels like to be treated as an outcast and left to die because of a filthy rat. THEY WILL KILL YOUR FAMILY. Your PARENTS. YOUR CHILDREN. I don't care about the rat. They can kill and need to be eradicated as they will eventually be the end of the human race. And as a superior species 'survival of the fittest' we are the fittest and they need to die if we want to survive.

  • Rats Should Be Hunted to the point if extinction.

    Like my headline says, not only do I think that rats deserve to die, but they should be hunted to extinction. I know my opponents will say that rats deserve to live, and that we are the ones invading their habitat etc. But before you say this from your comfortable home and chairs, in a developed country, think about the damage these rats are doing to peoples home, belongings, and health. Not everybody in this world have the same access to the luxuries many of us have. People in third world countries cannot even afford to feed their families, or buy snap traps, let alone buy live traps and "release" these rats somewhere far. They are struggling to survive, and should these people share their homes with rats who brings diseases and damage? Rats damage and urinate on beddings, clothes, steal food, make holes in your walls, and many more. Next you will say it is the governments fault. Keep in mind that many countries are still struggling for basic infrastructures, and to ask these countries and its people to "humanely catch and relocate these rats to a habitat" is just ignorant. So for my closing statement, let me repeat; before you defend rats from your nice houses and comfortable chairs, remember that not everyone in this world have the same standard of living and/or have the luxuries to tolerate these rats.

  • They need to die!


  • Mice are the very definition of filth.

    Besides all of the valid points I'm sure everyone else has made, I believe mice are just plain DISPOSABLE. They reproduce at an alarming rate, their population is WAY too high, they chew their way into OUR homes, gobble up OUR food, and leave behind a trail of diseased poop and pee! I mean good GOD there's absolutely NOTHING worthwhile about these vermin except as pet food for other animals!

  • Yes, I believe that rats and mice need to be killed.

    In my opinion and in accord with all health and safety code that I have ever read,I believe that rats and mice need to be killed when they become a hazard to the health and well being of an area whether it be inhabited by humans or not due to potential for the spread of illness and contamination of food stores.

  • They should be killed

    I strongly believe that when mice enter your home, you are perfectly justified to get rid of them by any means possible, humane or not. They chew on everything and are terribly filthy. They spread diseases. In a way, it is a matter of self defense. Who wants those horrible things running around in their homes? Enough said.

  • They should be killed

    Who wants rodents running all over their homes? They are very destructive. Not only do they chew everything, but they also spread diseases and are very filthy. I say get rid of these things by any means possible when they get into your home, humane or not. They have no redeeming value whatsoever except maybe to feed your cats. I think hatred of rodents is universal.

  • Rats deserve to be treated better and with more respect.

    They live in their own way the same way we live in our own way. You might not understand it, but it is simply the way it is. They are just trying to survive like any other creature on this planet. Whether you like it or not. That is why they invade our home and eat our food. They are animals, it is their natural instinct. They don't have the ability to put AC or heat in their home like we do. Just because you don't approve of an animal that doesn't mean you get to kill it. Dogs and cats are responsible for human deaths every year, yet we don't terminate them. You don't approve of these animals because of whatever reason. That doesn't mean you get to kill them.

  • They Are Innocent

    First off, they didn't technically cause the Plague. The fleas on them did, just saying in case the person who wrote about the plague didn't know. The rats died as well - they simply made it easier for the fleas to get around. Besides, there were way too many peasants anyway, and there was starvation going on, so they didn't harm humanity in any way. It's not fair to blame them. Thinking that they'd end the human race is preposterous. And saying that people who like rats should die as well is plain rude! They are living things, and we destroyed many animals' homes, not getting in trouble for it. Also, they need to eat from somewhere too. Maybe the birds or whatever animals consider that we are stealing their trees and crops, but we just think it's daily life. So there.

  • They Are Innocent

    Whoever believes that they should be killed has no feelings. They should change their minds. Nobody likes people who kills animals weaker than them. If those animals would be exterminated, the whole ecosystem would be tipped over, whatever others think. If anything, we should die but that's obviously not an option. So, yeah. Duh.

  • Rats/mices should not be killed!

    They are innocent animals, they did not cigs eto be choses as the victims of fleas. People say they are filthy, maybe they are, but we are way filthier than them. We ruin animals habitats and make them our own therefore they have no place to stay in, so they break in our places because we took theirs away. Mouses are cute ne don't deserve to be punished for the things that happened long ago (the Black Plague) in which they killed many people, but then again they died as well. We are not being punished for what our ancestors did (e.G romans).

  • Rats Should NOT be killed

    They are saying that rats are ruining humans houses. But us humans are ruining every single animals home. We are wrecking the environment, and we don't get any judgement. We should be the ones to blame, for every bad thing on earth. They are living things too, and whoever doesn't agree is a complete psychopath.

  • They only come close to humans if there is a food source nearby and become dependant on that food source which may even be excreta

    From dogs chickens, and so is a 'quick and easy ' meal if they are desperate.
    I have just trapped my fourth rat and killed it, I am not happy with the way I killed them because my conscience tell me it was wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Dispassionately drowned 1 and felt strongly that it was wrong, and this feeling was reinstated when I thought about it.
    Shot 2,3,4, not happy about the suffering I caused, I have to say that once you determine to kill something you steel yourself so that you don't think about the suffering you cause, I will trap some more but I will make them choose another food source

  • They don't deserve death

    Put yourself in their paws. Would you like to be killed just because people thought you were ugly or they thought of you a health hazard? Rats are intelligent creatures. They can learn tricks like dogs, they have personalities like humans, They also learn their name and grow a close bond with people.

  • Of course not.

    This is so dumb, how can ANYBODY think that rats and mice deserve to die? And why kill them? Because they are rodents? Because they are "bad for human health"? Because they are "ugly"? Just stay away from them then. You don't have to kill others to keep yourself happy. Killing a mouse or rat is like murder. Think about it, seriously.

  • They are just trying to live like any other animal!

    How would you like it if the fridge door slammed itself on us? We need to get food just like any other animal, so why should it be different for mice? They are just so innocent and I would strongly recommend using a non killing mouse trap!! They dont deserve to die!

  • Rats and mice don't deserve to be killed.

    In some cases there will be kill or be killed, but rats and mice don't need to die just because they exist. Mice won't attack anybody unless they are fighting each other or are injured. Rats are usually very gentle creatures and won't hurt anybody. If they come near you then they are merely curious, still treat with caution but don't kill them.

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