Do realistic video games like GTA, Saints row ect. Have an effect on children?

Asked by: Iphoenmastr
  • Of course they do

    Its proven that kids that play the games have worse grades than the kids who don't. I mean what I'm trying to say is that the company is trying to make the kid want to play the game more often which lessens the want to do homework or schoolwork. That's all.

  • Non applicable discussion

    Video games if anything provide a learning experience for developing minds. They use realistic instances and real-world (in some cases) realities. It's those who oppose video games against those considered (underage) who label video games such as the mentioned above its bad name. If you are coming from the developers perspective they would say yes there is an effect but to a degree in which brings satisfaction. If the above arguments states the impact is negative it's simply not true, positively it increases knowledge and/or know how.

  • So fantasy games with crappy graphics or pixel games aren't addictive.

    Ok lol, that's funny.
    No I just mean that the title of this opinion doesn't make sense. I also have a lot of other arguments why it isn't addictive, or might be but it depends on the kids and their parents, and not a video game. It could as well be a sport or anything else that keeps you from learning.
    It doesn't have an effect on children.
    A lot of people I know who play violent 'realistic' know that it isn't realistic at ALL. They are all really soft people who just do it for fun, they'd never do it themselves.
    When children who tend to be violent play games like this, it actually keeps them from doing it in real life.
    Oh I can keep going on about this but I gotta go, bye.

  • "Realistic"? Oh yes, I use supper powers to leap through the sky all of the time!

    That poor word choice aside, they most certainly do not. It's actually proven that video games are helpful stress delivers for more introverted children. Yes, the mentioned games may have sex and violence, but only for humor. Children should be allowed to their own deductions on what they wish to be exposed to. If a parent is worried they can calmly explain to their kids that no, dump trucks don't shoot rockets, but there is no child out there who believes that behavior in the games can be taken into reality. It is far more likely that children with violent tendencies chose to play violent games than that violent games caused children to develop violent tendencies.
    Also, the "fact" in the opposing argument stating that children playing these games have overall worse grades should be cited, because I stay up on my computer a fair chunk of my life and I've maintained a 3.5 to 4.0 all of my life.

  • No They Don't.

    It's not the games. It's the parents on how they treat and discipline their kids. I have played them for years. And I'm in the group of the best kids in my class. And on the game I shoot tons of people. And I laugh my @## off when I do it. And if I get pissed off on the game I kill my guy. It's not like I'm going to kill my self in real life. I won't cause I know I won't get my life back from myself killing myself. Like come on, common since people. My mom has taught me others ways. I plan on going in to service after high school. I play football, i don't kill people. My mom pushed me to do great things. Not steal cars. Time to re-think a little.

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