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  • Color of apples doesn't effect the taste.

    The color of an apple shouldn't effect the taste because it all depends upon how healthy and ripe the apple is. Different types of apples taste different but everyone also has preferences on which kind they prefer. Saying a red apple tastes better then another color depends on so many other factors other then color.

  • Red apples are no more appealing than green or yellow apples.

    There are so many varieties of apples that I think it comes down to which taste is most appealing to the person eating the apple. I do agree however, that some apples may work better for certain types of recipes since their sugar content may to lower or higher. The question now becomes whether or not one color apple has more nutritional value than the other.

  • Different colors have different strengths.

    Personally my favorite apples are Pink Lady, they taste great. I don't think red apples taste better than any other colors, the different colors have their own tasty varieties. Taste is down to individuals though, we have different taste, perhaps overall other people would say different. However, I would definitely conclude that red apples do not taste better than other colors, however they also don't taste worse, they all taste good for different reasons.

  • Green is the best!

    I prefer the taste of green apples to red. I have had some delicious red apples in the past, but red apples tend to have a mushy texture. I love the flavor and texture of green Granny Smith apples. They have just the right amount of crunch and a tangy flavor that can't be beat.

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