Do red light traffic cameras improve the safety of the road?

  • Reminders Not Citations

    I was caught on camera sliding around a corner without a proper stop. I would have sworn that I'd stopped, but when I viewed the video, it was clear that I had looked, saw it was safe to go, and didn't stop fully at the corner before proceeding safely around the corner. It never hurts to be reminded.
    What does hurt, are huge traffic fines for such indiscretions, that did not cause any accident or traffic mishap. I was truly embarrassed being caught on camera not being the great safe, and legal driver I think I am. My fine was over $350.00, not counting time. I did not opt for traffic school, saving that for a more serious mishap, if any. Still, the mark also potentially increases insurance cost.
    Why not simply institute a city-wide traffic camera program that sends reminders to drivers of poor driving caught on camera. A reminder that in an accident such driving could make them at risk for a citation, indicating costs, and being at fault for the accident ought to make them remember to observe rules of the road. High numbers of such failure to follow rules could trigger a referral to local traffic police, DMV, maybe require traffic school.

  • It would make the streets safer

    People that speed on the roads usually don't think twice if they don't think anyone watching them but whenever there is a cop around they slow down because they know they get in trouble. But cops can't be everywhere at once and people are bound to speed. But these cameras could stop that. They would make speeders stop because they don't want to get caught

  • It most certainly does

    I was caught in one of those cameras running a red light. I promptly paid the fine as I was surely guilty as shown by the video. It seems to me that the ones that complain the loudest are those caught but not wanting to pay the fine. Pay. Stronger enforcement rules would help.

  • I do believe that red light traffic cameras will improve the safety of the road by ensuring that people drive safely, even when they cannot see a cop.

    A lot of people only correct their driving when they feel they are at risk of being caught. So, having red light traffic cameras remedies this situation by ensuring that bad drivers are punished, even when they are breaking the law in the middle of the night on an empty street.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Red light cameras are a good idea because it make people think before they run a light.

    Even if the cameras do not work, just the presence of them makes people think twice before running a red light and possibly causing an accident that could kill people.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung
  • Yes, I believe that red light traffic cameras improve safety, because of the statistics that prove it.

    Red light traffic cameras have been successful at reducing accidents at certain intersections, according to recent statistics. People simply don't want to pay the high fines that are posted and come with getting caught. They know those cameras are there, so they slow down and pay attention to the light. The data confirms that.

    Posted by: SAugustus
  • I believe red light traffic cameras improve the safety of the road by forcing people to be cautious, even when the police are not around.

    Running red lights is not only dangerous to the driver who ran the light, but the unlucky person who was following the law and got hit. Red light traffic cameras prevent this by enforcing the same threat of getting caught for running a stop light, as if a cop car was sitting at the intersection all day every day. This means people are forced to drive slower and more carefully, leading to less accidents from people who think they can run a red light when no one is looking.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Red light cameras make the roads safer, primarily by reminding drivers that they should obey traffic laws or they might get caught.

    Traffic laws are very likely the most disregarded laws in the country, outside of littering. When individuals are polled as to whether they consider themselves to be a safe driver, about 68% of them say they are "better than average" drivers, which is a statistical impossibility. However, it is very likely, because of this belief of superior driving ability, that so many drivers disregard traffic laws. They feel they are "above" them because of their driving skill. This leaves us with a dilemma. If drivers will not obey traffic laws because they believe the laws don't apply to them, how do we get these drivers to follow the rules? The only answer seems to be by deterrent, and traffic red light cameras are such a deterrent. It is the threat of receiving a fairly expensive traffic ticket in the mail that makes traffic cameras an effective deterrent in keeping the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. It should be noted that road safety is only one (and probably not the primary) motivation for installing red light cameras. The primary motivation in most cities is to generate income for the city. Eventually, we may reach the point where these cameras also are used as "anti-terrorism" devices. Civil liberties notwithstanding.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • Yes because, where there are no cops, red light cameras can reinforce safety.

    Red light cameras are a great addition to the safety of the road, because they enforce the law when there are no cops around to enforce it. It catches people who run the red light and, instead of a cop sitting there to catch people violating this, those resources may be reallocated somewhere else, instead of the intersection.

    Posted by: RMicheal
  • Traffic Cameras Are Annoying

    I do not believe traffic cameras improve the safety of the road. In my small town there are 3 or 4 cameras on lighted intersections and I see the cameras go off all of the time. Sometimes it seems they go off when they shouldn't and other times you can see a semi-truck fully ignore the red light and fly through it.

  • I do not believe cameras improve the safety of the road.

    People get nervous when they see traffic cameras and get into a panic so they either press on their breaks or speed and hope you do not cause an accident behind you OR in front of you. I did research on how sometimes traffic cameras just cause MORE accidents rather than preventing them.

  • No, they cause more harm than good by turning every yellow light into a game of panic.

    Everytime you come up to a yellow light, you now have to instantly make a decision: slam hard on your breaks and risk an accident behind you, or slam on your gas and try to blow through the light, which might net you a ticket anyway, a speeding ticket if a cop is nearby, or a potential accident. However, as long as the government is making money from them, they will continue to put them up.

  • I disagree that red light cameras improve the safety of the road, because it causes more accidents, due to people slamming on their brakes to stop.

    I read an article about the red light cameras and how, most of the time, they aren't even working. Yet, it still causes more accidents, due to people stopping when, in reality, they should've kept going. In fear of getting hit with a huge fine, they slam on their brakes, which causes them to be rear-ended. I have heard that, when the cameras are working, it does bring great revenue into the city, though.

    Posted by: BlushingRiley
  • Red light cameras do not improve safety, because it encourages hard braking at lights.

    When people know that a street has red light traffic cameras, they are more likely to jam on the brakes, instead of going through a yellow light. This causes chaos and accidents on the roads. Also, cameras can be faulty and issue incorrect tickets. Traffic tickets should only be given out by humans.

    Posted by: babyuniqh
  • I disagree that red light traffic cameras improve the safety of the road, because studies have shown that they absolutely do not.

    Not only do they not improve safety, the lights those cameras are attached to are timed differently than those without cameras. A light with a camera only allows just over 1 second between the yellow light and the red light. A traffic signal without a camera allows 4 seconds between the yellow light and the red. Clearly, the system is set up to create revenue for the city, and not safety for the public. Hazards that result from cameras on traffic lights include accidents caused when a driver slams on his brakes, trying to avoid a ticket, because he can't make it through the intersection before the light turns red. There are also multiple car crashes in the intersection caused when a driver assumes he still has the normal 4 seconds to safely pass through before the light turns red.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • No, because I believe that cameras only punish, and do not prevent red light running.

    I have read a study that concluded that red lights are mostly run when the yellow (amber) light is too short. Lengthening the time the yellow light was on drastically reduced the number of red lights that where run. Cameras punish people who run red lights, even if they had no time to stop. Cameras also scare drivers into stopping suddenly and prematurely, which is very dangerous.

    Posted by: dahye0413
  • Traffic cameras do not generally improve the safety of the road, because most people do not even know whether or not traffic cameras are in place.

    Though it is true that, for people who are caught running a red light by a traffic camera, traffic cameras may alter driving behavior, and most people will not ever be caught running a red light. Most people are never caught on camera running a red light, and are unaware even that traffic cameras are present. Because they do not know the traffic cameras are there, people do not change their road behaviors. So road behaviors are no different, and no safer, than when traffic cameras are not present.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • No, because red light cameras actually cause more accidents.

    The installation of red light cameras does assist in dangerous intersection accidents, but it causes thousands of dollars a year in rear-end crash damage. Drivers who come into a known red light camera area are more prone to slam on their brakes on a just-gone-yellow light, rather than risk getting a ticket.

    Posted by: WillowsErv

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