• It's Who You Know

    There is a saying that it's not what you know, it's who you know. In the case of the wealthy, they are afforded more opportunities of "who you know" than the average or lower class individual. While hard work and determination can help a poor reason rise across social classes, the opportunities to do so are less available to poor than wealthy. The wealthy use their money as a power play to get into the right social circles, make the right connections and have an economic advantage. They tend to associate with people of similar social structure, making it difficult for those without those connections to break into the ranks.

  • Poor people make the curious use of facilities they are given

    Yes we can say rich people are very hardworking and they contribute and spend even their money to the poor people . They have a dream seeing their country eradicating poor people and making them rich like them. We can see examples from across the globe , Bill Gates , the founder of MIcrosoft have contributed most of his lifetime expenditure to the well basement of the poor. But poor people on the contrary make the bad use of facilities they are being provided . They are growing more dependable on rich people which would lessen their status . This would put a big question mark on their status . Are they poor???????????

  • Yes, rich people affect poor people's wealth.

    Rich people do affect poor people's wealth because the rich have a higher share of money, and how they use their money impacts others. If a rich person has extra money and opens a business, they could hire a poor person and pay them a high wage which could then improve the poor person's wealth. Alternatively, the rich person could hire the poor person but pay them a low wage which might keep them in poverty. Rich people also affect poor people's wealth if they pay their taxes wholly. The money collected from the rich could go to social services that support poor people, such as food stamps, federal scholarships to give poor people a chance to go to college, and subsidized health care. The way rich people spend their money affects poor people's wealth.

  • The Rich Get Richer

    The old saying, "The rich get richer while the poor get poorer," becomes truer and truer each passing day. We allow corruption within the American government by letting corporations to buy their way out of taxes and shape legislation to their own needs. Meanwhile, the heads of these companies are being paid millions at the cost of an increasing national deficit, and a lower average quality of living across the country.

  • Rich People Are Voters

    Because wealthy people regularly vote and often even contribute to campaigns near and dear to their hearts (and businesses), they absolutely contribute to the economic standing of the poor. Much of the rich population is also part of the government, further integrating the wealthy involvement in legislation regarding business development which affects all classes.

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