• I'm really tired

    I am a student and I have to work almost all day to complete home work and if I'm lucky I might get to fall asleep at 11 o'clock but usually get done at about 3-2 am and have to wake up at 7 am which is not enough, my grades are failing Cus i get too much homework and don't get enough sleep because of it

  • I need more sleep

    I need more sleep because I wake up in the morning at 6. And when I researched that many people can not survive without sleep I started researching some more and it said that a human body should have about 9 to 10 hours of sleep. But to me I can not stand waking up at 6 and try to pull my self out of bed. And I sleep for 10 hours 8 pm to 6 am.

  • I need sleep

    Many teachers expect us to get straight A's, but we can't get it if we can't sleep that long. And kids use a lot of energy everyday so I think that we should at least wake up an hour later because I wake up at 6:00 in the morning I really do not like it.

  • Yes we do

    We need sleep. I have to wake up at six in the morning just to shower, eat,dress,pack and go. I'm tired and I need more sleep. So yes!!! They do!! And that's why the no side is losing!! Because children do need more sleep. Otherwise we are going to be tired and not ready to start the day.

  • They're Depriving Themselves

    Kids, especially high schoolers, need more sleep. Between homework, the eight hours spent at school, a minimal amount of family time, and an hour to relax, kids are only getting about four hours of sleep a night, which is too few to function. They may be passing their classes, but they're zombies who can't remember anything.

  • ImDoin A Report

    Did you know that when kids sleep they remember what happen or what they do? If they practice piano in the morning its better then in the evening! I ran out of thing to say!I ran out of thing to say!I ran out of thing to say!I ran out of thing to say!

  • Kids needs a more sleep

    A children is need more sleep, because the child is so tired, in the school, they're studying, in the evening they has a extracuricular, in the night theirs can do the homework or read what theirs get in the school. I need because they're many student sleep when the lessons is processed, it's a bad habits, so we must search the way to stopped it.

  • Kids need lots of sleep to perform well.

    Yes, they need more sleep! Kids need about 12 hours of sleep per night, and teenagers also need a large amount that is made impossible by homework and extracurricular activities required to get into college. Nobody can achieve their best because they can't get enough sleep, so in a way the playing field is level but it still isn't far to the kids.

  • Kids don't need more sleep.

    My kids go to sleep at 10:00pm. They wake up at 7:30 and have no problem. Kids do not like going to bed when someone tells them to. If a kid forced himself to go to sleep super early in the evening, he'll fall asleep better. As long as your kids don't choose to go to sleep pass 11:00pm, it should be fine. They should wake up at 7:00am to 7:30am to get ready for school, unless school is very far. My kids wake up, get dressed in their rooms, use the bathroom, then come out together and eat a bit of breakfast. Then, we drive to school.

  • It is not necessary since its not demanded from them to be awake more.

    I was hoping to see the answer "NO because they already sleep too much at school", but only as a joke.
    If you compare them to adults who have a lot of obligations which keep them from sleeping, then what is the measure of "normal sleeping time"?
    If such a measure does not exist, or it depends on society's rules and obligations, then how can we know for certain?

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DatGuysMom says2013-11-26T04:18:28.903
Im doing a report on schools should allow sleep