Do school disciplinary policies criminalize students?

  • Yes they criminalize students.

    Yes the disciplinary policies do make the students seem as if they criminals being punished, or even expelled from their campus for acts that are most of the time not that extreme of a crime. Many times if children are tardy to often they will receive detentions, which is like being locked up, or even expelled, when sometimes children can not help it.

  • Don't Criminalize Students

    School disciplinary policies criminalize students that are evident when there are myriad sightings of police cars parked outside of public schools. One would think that schools are becoming a police state instead of an educational institution. The school disciplinary policies do criminalize students. The police cars need to go asap.

  • This is why kids are out of control.

    In the real world, if you do something bad, you go to jail and face the consequences. There is a phrase I love, that is "don't do the crime if you can't do the time." Students nowadays have too much freedom and not enough rules to be enforced. That is why crime rates are up and more young adults are becoming incarcerated for drug charges and other criminal activity. They are not being taught in school, but most importantly, the schools that are supposed to prepare them for the real world are not enforcing rules to prevent students from repeating those actions. If you do not condition children, they will not know better coming into adulthood and will not behave according to the standards of behavior set by our society.

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