• Yes sir I do

    I go to a private school, and one can see the change in character and behavior when students are allowed to wear normal clothes on certain days. Actions become more.....Rambunctious when wearing basketball shorts and Nikes, rather than khakis with Sperrys. I've seen it head on and have discussed it with my teachers, in fact, I'm writing a paper on the subject right now, and I firmly believe uniforms promote a more professional sense in a child

  • School uniforms encourage discipline.

    Students are more disciplined if they are forced to wear uniforms. Making students wear uniforms sets a good example of conformity and discipline. Students know their role. Everything is kept neat and clean, with no room for deviations. It encourages students to work hard and do their duties for the school.

  • Sure they do

    It can help young students when they get into collage for an interview and a big importent job interview in there future. It also helps them learn how to dress approtesly in front of importent business peolpe in the real world. That is how school uniforms show disclpine torwads students.

  • Yes they do

    I think that they encourage discipline and "show the schools authority" (Rosa prince). They get kids ready for job or college interviews because it gets them used to dressing up. Even if the kids don't like the uniforms them dealing with it will help with their over all discipline and prepare them for the real world

  • School Uniforms encourage discipline!

    Many students, specifically females trying to figure out what to wear to a school day and will take a long time deciding. With the uniforms, she won't have to decide, she just has to pick a clean one and go. Students also fell more mature and like the felling so they cherish it and work hard to keep it like that. There are many more reasons uniforms encourage discipline, but no time.

  • What should I wear today?

    Over the past few years, many school boards have debated the issue of students wearing school uniforms. Several schools have introduced this rule into school policy, while several others are still discussing the subject. Although wearing uniforms is a minor change for students, it is an effective and much needed one.
    Wearing school uniforms can be helpful in many ways. First, having matching outfits can make all students feel equal. Poor students would no longer feel excluded because they were not wearing name brand clothing like the richer kids. In addition, social status would be less of an issue because everyone would be wearing the same clothing. One of the biggest arguments against school uniforms is that students would lose their sense of individuality. I believe that uniforms will improve students’ individuality because they will have to express themselves through their personality and attitude, rather than through an expensive pair of shoes or a brand name pair of jeans. Uniforms will improve self-esteem in the students because they will not feel pressured to dress a certain way.
    Secondly, uniforms will allow more time for studying. Students who have to wear a uniform will spend less time shopping and more time studying than those who do not have to wear uniforms. Also, students will be more focused on their schoolwork than worrying about what they will wear the next day. Students will arrive at school earlier because they will not be trying on several different outfits each morning. Having an outfit already chosen for students is one less thing for them to worry about in their already stressful lives.
    Most importantly, school uniforms will save money. Parents will no longer have to spend a fortune on school clothes because they will only need to buy a few uniforms. Of course, parents will still have to buy their kids clothes for weekends, but the quantity of clothes that they buy will be lowered.
    While most students will disagree, every school should introduce uniforms into its policy. Students should go to school to learn and not have to worry about being judged by the clothes they are wearing. Uniforms will not only improve the atmosphere of the school, but will also raise the self-esteem of most students and save money for most parents.


    The pros:
    • Uniforms create a shared sense of identity and pride in a school
    • They take away the stress of deciding what to wear to impress your peer group
    • They engender a sense of discipline and purpose
    • Schools with a strict uniform code often achieve better exam results as a consequence
    And the cons:
    • Uniforms can involve parents in unnecessary and avoidable expense
    • They discourage individuality
    • They can be the source of running battles between teachers, parents and pupils

  • Yes, I think that school uniforms are appropriate for our future adults.

    I think that school uniforms are good because:
    First, children treat each other equally, not just -oh, I have this new cute shirt- that all is inappropriate, and people do not judge others by how they look, but how they act. Also, people cannot wear hand me downs, so kids do not tease each other.

  • It does encourage discipline.

    Discipline doesn't only lie in the behaviour, but also appearance. Studies show that uniform increases attendance. That's encouraging discipline itself. Also, teachers and staff would have to spend much less time examining and correcting the students apparel to see if they are appropriate or not. It reduces tardiness due to untidy or dirty clothing (although the cleanliness lies in the hands of the students) . It makes it easier for them to dress in the morning. No more "what do i wear today?" ; this may help students get ready faster.

  • Strong discipline is also enforced on account of uniform.

    First of all, uniform inculcate a sense of identity in students by developing the ambassadorship. Wearing the uniform, students are representatives of the school's image. By looking at the uniform, people will be able to know what school one is from, hence, somehow judge the school through one's demeanor. Furthermore, in uniform, everyone is equal, thus, students will respect one another and regard each individual as a valued member of the school. In any occasion of inter-school competitions, uniform distinguish students of one school from another. As a result, school unity and team spirit are preserved.

  • Nahh, screw uniforms

    While I believe school uniforms may help slightly i do not believe they fully encourage discipline as mush broader background is needed in order to encourage discipline. Discipline cannot be simply put on the issue of school uniforms as it is up to not only the teachers but the parents of the students who truly encourage discipline. 80 PERCENT OF KIDS HATE SCHOOLS UNIFORMS

  • No no no

    No Coming from a school that switched to uniforms my junior year, I do not believe so at all. In fact, there were MORE kids who got in trouble for not wearing the uniform correctly (wrong shade, no belt, more than one button undone, ect) than there ever was before. It's oppressing.

  • Student may act more rebellious

    I am a high school fresh man at a school with uniforms. I can tell you first-hand that my school is always having fights and kids skipping class. Why? Because when kids feel tied down, they want to rebel, hence the phrase, " rules are meant to be broken". Kids just don't like rules, and feel like they have to break them to fit in.

  • No discipline on the continent?

    As a Dutchman it has always surprised me to hear people try and link uniform and discipline. I have worked in a few English schools where uniform very clearly didn't seem to have a noticeably positive effect on discipline. I also know that the vast majority of Dutch schools do not have discipline issues to the same extent as many English schools. The Dutch don't like uniforms and any attempt to introduce this ban on individualism into our school system would simply not be taken seriously.

  • Used for uniformity

    Uniforms are not there for discipline, but rather uniformity. At Quite a few jobs these days, people, such as nurses, wear uniforms and it keeps them looking neat and, in uniform! Im agine nurses without their uniforms on, now that would look a bit funny, wouldnt it? In conclusion, i really dont think uniforms are there for discipline and rather are there to "show off" the school.

  • I hate uniforms

    Once at secondary school the uniforms got even worse. Previously, we'd been allowed to wear any coat we wished, but now we had to wear plain black coats. As before, we also had to wear ties and this school was stricter on how they should be. In registration we often had tie inspections (not that this stopped most people altering them once we left the classroom, but certain teachers would often force students to redo them while others didn't mind so long as you did the work).

  • They do not change behavior.

    Discipline is not about the outfit, it is about the behavior of the kids. Uniforms do not have any effect on that; it just makes kids angry and out because of having to wear them. It does not make kids happy to wear uniforms and it doesn't improve any sort of discipline.

  • No I do not think that school uniforms encourage discipline.

    This may just create an outburst in the students causing anything BUT discipline. School uniforms are a really insignificant. If you have uniforms it could just create a rebellion! It is outrageous to think students cannot have their own decision of what clothing to wear. Their outfits express who they are, and if school cant respect that, I don't know who will. I thought school was a place of learning and understanding! Not a place to be secluded to someone else's opinions on what they should wear! This is my opinion, and I'm going to stand by it. Thank you.

  • No I don't think school uniforms encourage discipline

    But rather they ask for rebellion instead. Forcing kids into uniforms they really don't want to wear, just creates animosity between them, the school and the teachers. It creates an environment where if they can find any way to revolt or cause trouble they will do so. So no I don't think school uniforms encourage discipline, quite the opposite, they encourage problems and misbehavior.

  • No

    Coming from a school that switched to uniforms my junior year, I do not believe so at all. In fact, there were MORE kids who got in trouble for not wearing the uniform correctly (wrong shade, no belt, more than one button undone, ect) than there ever was before. It's oppressing.

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