Do school uniforms make school a more effective place to learn?

Asked by: EInSTien
  • Shows standard of the school

    If everyone of a school wears different clothes ,it shows that the school is not in a good position that is it says that school uniform conform the standard of school.It is school uniform that shows and attract people to the school.If they allowed to wear different clothes there will be discrimination among students.

  • Why uniforms are better.

    1. School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes
    - If students wear ordinary clothes, they set more importance on fashion

    2. Wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity, and community spirit
    - Easy to recognize what schools students are from
    - Everyone wears the same clothes so they feel like they are one

    3. School uniforms are neat and tidy.

    That's all I have to say.

  • Concentrating on your studies

    In the mornings or even the evening/night before preparing for and getting ready for school deciding your wardrobe and what you will wear takes up alot of time, valuable time which should be used for doing your school and concentrating on your studies. Instead of thinking and worrying what may be thought of you because of your clothing.

  • Learn in wise

    I think it just not about for dress it just about for the things we learn when all the student learn without any hassitation so the environment is good to learn and explore and the criteria of exploring the facts is being good i support that because it must to everyone

  • School uniforms aren't good

    If anyone thinks that it takes up lots of time and effort to choose what to wear each day if they don't have uniforms, how much time do they spend each weekend or during the holidays picking out what to wear? Also, school uniforms cost a lot of money and they're uncomfortable.

  • School Uniforms Don't Affect School performance.

    Clothes are clothes. There is no reason that the idea of everyone having the same clothes on would make the school a better place to learn. Why should it? It completely demolishes the idea of freedom of what to look like and what to wear. So no, it wouldn't affect anything.

  • As someone with experience in this i know wearing a uniform does not improve concentration or learning

    Three reasones 1) school uniforms are not comfortable and I'm always in a state of readjusting instead of wearing comfortable cloths 2) uniforms do nothing for your learning environment the common misconception is that since you don't have the freedom to wear you own cloths no one can make fun of you for wearing "drag" cloths but from my experience people can still make fun of you sometimes kids make fun of their shoes or hair and stupid stuff like that. 3) uniforms don't give kids the ability to express themselves which made me mad and sometimes refused to learn.

  • Irrelevant to learning

    When children get up in the morning, and get dressed, what they choose to wear reflects their personality, and can be something fun to do. At school, kids can find uniforms annoying and uncomfortable, and therefore that can effect their learning in a negative way. Most children do not like wearing uniforms.

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