Do school uniforms provide a level of comfort for students?

  • School uniforms deliver a homogenous protection

    School uniforms allow children to remove a large number of emotional and demographic anomalies from everyday educational activities. These measures put all students on an equal playing field and generate healthy learning environments for boys and girls. Investing in uniformity makes it easy for all students to earn the same academic acolades on an even playing field, thereby reducing bullying and creating a stronger peer group.

  • There is comfort in uniformity and semi-anoynmousness

    Many students are anxious every day about not having the cool clothes, or not being able to afford the kind of shoes that other kids have. Having student uniforms removes some of these fears, although it's certainly not a fix-all. Additionally, field trips in which all students are dressed the same improves the image of the school and reminds students that they are constantly representing their establishment.

  • No, school uniforms make students uncomfortable because they stunt one's individuality.

    By suggesting that school uniforms provide a level of comfort for students, blatantly disregards the fact that not all students want to blend in with the crowd. Especially in the adolescent years, it is important for a young person to express themselves and let their individuality develop as they grow. By being yourself, which includes how you choose to dress, nurtures confidence and self-esteem.

  • School uniforms do not provide comfort because they inhibit creativity.

    School uniforms do not provide comfort for students, other than giving them one less thing to think about every day. While they do not have to think about what they will wear for the day, school uniforms inhibit students' creativity by taking away the ability for them to choose outfits that reflect their individual personalities.

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