Do school uniforms violate a student's right to freedom of expression?

  • We Aren't In Prison

    The school is violating my first amendment. I have a right to have a personality and to express myself. They treat us like we are in the military or jail and we aren't. We are minors. Uniforms make us one person. It is even in the word. We aren't one person though. We are seven billion people who have a right to express ourselves without being harassed about we wear and to express ourselves. It isn't a crime to want to be your own person.

  • School uniforms violate the first amendment.

    The first amendment clearly states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]”
    Freedom of speech also means expressing ourselves symbolically, not just verbally.

    Sincerely, a kid who loves chocolate.

  • Yes, absolutely, positively.

    YES! While there are many ways to express yourself, clothing is the easiest and most acknowledged way. Besides, though there may be pros on the side of bullying, leveling the playing field, etc. (which, personally, I have never seen a uniform deter a determined bully. They'll find something new to make fun of.) it still violates our freedoms, no matter what you say.

  • Students should not have to wear school uinforms

    Student feel deprived when everyone looks the same because they lose there own individuality. School uinforms also violate students individual rights. Dont forget to mention the uniforms might be a lot of money and some students parents might not be able to aford them, and what would the students do with the clothes they already bought

  • Freedom exists, and school is no excuse.

    I think students should be able to wear what they want because, hey, it's a free country. Uniforms make kids think they are not special and it kind of is bland, boring, strange, and weird. I'm in public school but I think everyone should be able to wear what they want.

  • Develops kids confidence

    Kids need to express themselves in every way possible to help them develop into there own person, with there own style and to not follow everyone. When your in school and you have a uniform you only wear casual clothes 2 days a week. Kids feel imprisoned to what they can wear. Kids also cant afford the uniform. Kids need to feel like they are themselves and lots of kids do that through clothes.

  • Of course it does.

    Uniforms make everyone pretty much look the same and students can not express freely and can not show that each of them are unique. Students are forced to be "clones of each other" when it comes to clothing because of this. Uniforms also do not really help other problems such as bullying. For example, bullies can still bully people because of hair, eyes, skin color, etc..

  • Yes it does

    It takes away the freedom, of course. Students have many rights and one of those rights is the right to do as they want as long as it is not illegal or it can harm the others. I don't see how wearing normal clothes can harm the others. Students wearing what they want is their freedom and no one should stop them.

  • It's just Clothing!!

    This is how students express themselves, through music, art, writing, the way they style their hair and the clothes they wear. Taking these away from someone is like taking away a part of them. A lot of kids pride themselves on being different. Most kids don't want to be like everyone else and the way they dress is one way they can differentiate themselves from the crowd. Writing cant do that for people, because most the time only your teachers will read what you write. Our first amendment rights guarantee us the ability to express ourselves in whatever way we want, Life, Liberty, And the pursuit of Happiness. Why take that away from them?

  • It violates the first amendment of the Constitution!

    The school uniform idea violates the first amendment of the Constitution, which is the freedom of expression. Kids can't express themselves with their clothes with dull, dumb uniforms! Kids want to express themselves with their clothing. Plus, parents don't want to do laundry 24/7. So everyone, enjoy your freedom of expression while you still can.

    Posted by: beng
  • They eliminate social differences with bullies

    Uniforms eliminate social differences at school. Some students have a hard enough time at school and don't need bullies to add onto it. Uniforms give students a sense of security and put them on the same level as a bully. Students can have one less problem to worry about with uniforms.

  • Does not violate right to freedom of expression.

    Schools are a place for learning. Socializing is part of the school experience but it is NOT the reason children need to attend school, freedom of expression can clearly be exercised on papers students can write, demonstrations they can do if compelled to do so through music or art, but not in clothing.
    There is a reason why schools who have adopted uniform policy have improved grades, better attendance, less violence and less detentions.

  • Of course not.

    Having students on an equally level playing ground is beneficial to children. Less bullying, less sexually oriented clothing (attributing to sexual conduct), less issues with self-esteem. How can any of us complain about the loss of freedom of expression, when we live in a world where a trip to the airport can land you a strip search? Perspective people, perspective is everything.

  • No, it eliminates clothing differences with bullies.

    Students are often bullied because of social differences and clothing is one symbol of these differences. Uniforms put students on the same clothing level. With the high cost of new clothing brands today, it is hard for parents to pay for expensive clothing. Uniforms can help students with social problems and give them one less thing to worry about at school

  • No, student uniforms don't violate freedom of expression.

    Students are bullied for many reasons, and many of them are related to what they're wearing. Uniforms eliminate this social difference by automatically putting everyone at the same level. Students can have a much better experience at school, without worrying that someone will make fun of them because of their clothes. It provides both a standard and a sense of security.

  • Uniforms put all students on the same plane

    Wearing a school uniform does not violate freedom of speech, it merely levels the playing field. One of the benefits of uniforms is to lessen the stigma created by the wardrobes of the haves vs the have-nots. How tight or loose a students clothing is and how students accessorize their attire is their right.

  • School Uniform shouldn't be an issue at all

    NO, school uniforms do not violate that right. I believe school uniforms are a good idea. They eliminate the problems in social situations and let's student's focus on more meaningful issues that pertain to their academics. School uniforms do not pose a threat therefore should not be an issue. A student still has their voice to speak up if they do not feel it is appropriate to freedom of expression. Uniform is not an option, it's a choice. If you don't like that choice, go to another school

  • Uniforms make faculty and students happier

    Whey you are faculty you do not want to see a girl's bra strap or boys boxers. School Uniforms help prevent this from happening and they are designed to make sure the wearer is covered properly. It may take a little bit of freedom, but in the end there are other ways to communicate the way you feel (like talking).

  • Uniforms are expensive

    If more schools were to have more uniforms the cost of uniforms will be expensive.. Some students will have enough money to buy the uniforms and get into school, but what about the students who can't? Other students will look down on those students who can't afford uniforms and think of them as poor people. We wouldn't want to have students think they have more power over others cause they can afford something they can't..Every student should be treated equally.

  • Of course not!!

    Everyone can express themselves in different ways, clothes aren't the only way. The things we do expresses ourselves too so it is fine to wear uniforms and plus uniform is for everyone's safety on excursions if someone gets lost they can be returned to their schools. Safety is more important than expression too.

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